iOS user Switching to Android!?

Decided that it’s about that time.. iOS and I need a break, She’s just not doing it for me anymore so I stepped out of the relationship and got with Android lol. Let’s see how long this will last!

Which do you guys prefer iOS or Android? if Android which Device do you currently use?

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    This is the type of isheep shit I hear from die hard fans. I have had the Iphone 4s, two 5, a 5c and a 6 plus and the 4s was my first flag ship. I have moved to android because I can customize it how I want it. When I click a URL on a text it opens the browser I choose, not the default one I hate. I choose which video, music, and picture app I want to use. I am not tied down to a computer just to put the stuff on my hard drive to my phone. I can rearrange my icons so I can see my background. When I buy a product I expect it to be MINE, not restricted like apple's stick guild lines.

  2. wow much challenge. Im pretty good at this challenge then

  3. I don't know how android is that flawed if a person feels that way why even switch over. I am an android user and I have had iPhone in the past and they both have flaws

  4. If you care about performance don't make this mistake, if you are switching from iOS to Android, get a phone with stock android just like a Nexus 6p or a Pixel or Pixel XL, never get a Samsung, in the Android world samsung is known for having the laggiest skin. even the One Plus 3 which only cost $400 beats the s7 when I comes to performance.

  5. @ 2:33 "the one negative thing about android is that it is very fragmented, everybody runs their own different skin…"
    thats the reason I love android! Everybody is different and you can make your device the exact specs and way you want it. LG, Samsung, HTC etc all have their own skins on top of stock android but thats how you can chose which of the ones you want instead of getting an iphone 5,se,6,7 that are all EXACTLY the same on all of the apple products.

  6. Really don't want to give apple more of my money with the iPhone 7 failure. But I'm nervous I want a note7 but I've had iPhone since the 3G I don't know what to do

  7. Try the Nexus 6p for the true Android experience. Touch wiz has improved, but stock Google is the best.

  8. stepping into the Android world having some expectation of an iOS-like experience is your first mistake. You cannot compare the two, you really are comparing Apples and Oranges.

  9. hey, i have this cheapo $100 bucks phone (Asus Zenfone C -1GB RAM) it works well but, wish i had a more expensive phone or something a lot better now. (regret the decision lol). yes, android can be shitty at most times but, it's all worth it. i spent a lot of times getting this phone works. so you can say i'm quite a power user.but still it is one hell bang for the bucks. it does all the basic functions of the smartphones. it is not as fast or fluid as any other more expensive phone or iphone but it works.

  10. Pretty spot on comments. I'm running galaxy note 7 from iPhone 6 and have a hell of a time trying to find apps that work as good as iPhone and the constant Android OS lag is annoying. Having to run Device Management utility all the time to regain speed seems unnecessary. Why can't you just handle that for me Android like iOS did with zero lag? Especially with the better hardware thats in this thing. But yeah the hardware, customization & VR features are really fantastic on Samsung.

  11. I was thinking about the same switch too. Just because I'm getting bored with iPhone and the upcoming 7 doesn't have any featrures (that I know of) make it beat the 6s. So I am thinking to buy a note 7, just to try it for one year. Maybe I'm gonna like the iPhone and IOS better that way. If it's not? Then goodbye apple…

  12. hated my galaxy s4. the skin created so many problems and it was such a slow phone. my Nexus 6p is a godsend

  13. Nexus 6 and 6p are great Android Devices, that have stock Android. no skin, no overlay. Bone Stock. And Nexus 6P is Awesome, fast, Smooth gets the latest Android version right away. And I haven't had any lag on my S7 or S7 Edge. Could be all on how the user uses the device. Each phone has their hiccups. IOS you get less lag, but more force closes with certain apps. But I hope you Enjoyed Android and the S7.

  14. I'm actually thinking of making the same switch. I love IOS it has always been reliable however, I'm tired of waiting for apple to being the aww to the operating system.

  15. I actually switched from Android to iOS. Thought about switching back but man the iPhone holds its own.

  16. I think you're doing the right thing sometimes iPhone users need a break…. I'm kind of bored too

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