iOS Battery Saving Tips

Everyone wants to have more battery life on their iPhones, so in this video I show you some secret tricks and tips on how to get the best battery life out of your iPhone.

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  1. My iPhone 6s 100% battery takes 1.5 hours and after 2 hours only 3 or 5% battery remain

  2. You can't assume just because people are at home they are connected to a power source. I bet most people are not.

  3. I know more tips to save battery life 🔋

    1.) You need an Original iPhone Charger because if you are using the unoriginal ones it may drain your battery fast.

    2.) dont use fast charging adapters.

    3.) Turn on Airplane mode.

    4.) Auto brightness your phone
    Settings>General>Accessibility>Display Accomodations> Enable Auto Brightness & Reduce White point

    I hope this helps 🥺

  4. I have the same iphone today i was going to buy it but i went to the bathroom for 2 minutes then came back . The battery was 46 and it Turned 16 just in 2 minutes.
    I tried to ignore that but then will i was on google searching for wallpapers . Boom the screen turns black .
    I dont recommend iphones..
    Now I have the samsung A10 it's cheap and very good quality better then the iphone camera and battery life.

  5. I charge my phone 5% I charge and. I woke up midnight it’s 50% and I woke up I saw my sister cp is full charge

  6. I was going home from a long drive and when we left our destination I had 14% somehow had 9% when I got home

  7. One tip: do not charge your phone continuously through out the day even tho it’s 80% and you want full charge… charge once it’s 25-40% and use the phone once it’s 80% instead of 100% as this can stress the battery that can cause high drainage… and off Bluetooth if not required..

    I also have problems like this and when I play from 15-30 minutes, charge goes from 100-60 very fast, but with this tip I got from someone, now from 80-70% in just 30 minutes… this helps me a lot for my iPhone 6s…

    Also, go to battery in settings and check the battery capacity, mines is now 73% after many usage for like 3-4 years, if you do some tips, it will help the battery a lot!

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