iOS Asphalt 9 Multiplayer in a nutshell & Ultimate Strategy


  1. 看了之后,我兴高采烈地去玩了几局国服后被连续360🌚,用加速器进国际服之后打了几局,那延迟高得,全是一片红色🌚,月佬🐂P

  2. 哈哈哈哈哈哈


    Also when you get your PC we shall make a Forza team 😍

  3. Yeah, skills don't matter. Just get a friend that screws over others races as that is the true definition of skills.

  4. The devs want this kind of mess in mp 🤬
    Which leave those stray dogs annoy, mess up, block.
    In a nutshell, defectants lacking to be pros.

  5. android equivalent would be getting matched into a full lobby of hackers

  6. Proof that windows is better? Because of this uncontrollable boosting? 👀🙁

  7. Okay that ending made me flinch because I am watching this at 4.47 AM in my bed alone, in dark bruh

  8. do you want me to do android multiplayer in a nutshell ? you will see some fast accelerating 🙂

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