This video provides a short introduction on MyFitnessPal’s #1 ranked Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker application. Learn how to get the most out of the app and how it can help you meet all of your diet and fitness goals.


  1. Nice, why the increase in premium? Went from $50 to 80 a year. No changes

  2. I really don't understand it! Am I using the wrong version of this app? Mine has under armour branding on it.

  3. Best thing the diary makes sure you don't eat too much. It's amazing how little food you really need to live on.

  4. If I met my macros already but have lots of calories to consume still , what then? And under nutrients ? I have to reach goal despite of macros? I don't get it

  5. Hi I'm new to my fitness pal. I entered my weight and hight. Also active level my calories seem high. My question is did you guys change the calories given or stick to the allowance given

  6. New member of about 1 week got it cause my cousin was using it and she wanted some support so I decided to do so but fell in love with the app.
    I have tried every diet there is and this is making my lifestyle change easy. I love it and will continue to use till there is a new new me and even after.
    Thank ya

  7. CAN it be used on my computer, I do not have a cell phone to use it on. I have a TOPS group and we have heard great things about it, but also need the computer option.

  8. I'm completely frustrated. This tutorial doesn't tell me how to put in a food and not have to log in the calories and carbs, etc myself. How do I do that when there's no bar code to use? I log in an apple and I have to find the carbs, calories, etc somewhere else myself? it says there's a database, but I'm not finding it and the tutorial only tells you that ONCE you've logged in your foods yourself, then you have them on a database. Am I missing something? Someone please help

  9. Doesn't let me make an account…fill out all the info and then it says error and refresh the page removing all info I had typed

  10. I can't login in it.. whenbi try to log in, it shows invailed.. what should I do. plz help me..

  11. I'v been using it for 3 months. I love it. Haven't lost a lot of weight yet, but I feel so much better.

  12. This app does not work on the iPhone 4. There is a concerted effort by the jerks at Apple to force you to buy a newer phone. After all there was an iPhone 4 version, and now it's gone! WTF?

  13. i find it complicated 🙁 if i cook real food like, chicken rice, sweet pot, eggs for breakfast, how its going to count the calorie ??

  14. i used this a long time ago and never really stuck with it. now i plan to stick with it and i can already tell that it's going to be fucking hard. but i'm gonna do it because i have an image in my head that i know i can fit

  15. I'm new to My Fitness Pal and seeking friends for casual support and motivation. Add me please anyone: brookegoddard66

  16. Cool vid for being 4 yrs ago. Thinking of downloading to start perfecting my caloric intake. Some good examples.

  17. Great app! I lost 75 pounds 4 years ago and have been using this app to maintain my weight. I love logging what I eat and seeing where I'm at throughout the day. Such a good app.

  18. I love it! I been using it for a few weeks by eating less, drinking more water, and exercising every day. Lost 7 pounds so far. I love it!

  19. I love this app. I used it for over a year, every day. Dropped 10kg (together with HIIT training). MFP totally changed my eating habits and diet. Life-changer.

  20. Why does it only give me 20% on portion at like 115g of protein. Im 216 pounds so even while loosing weight i should be getting at least this amount in protein. How do I fix this?

  21. Let's face it, these new app updates are horrible and MFP is really going downhill lately. Ever since the UA Buyout the MFP app has not been everyones favorite as we continously hear about the annoying updates that make it harder and harder to just simply add a food item to our diary. Now, they completely rearranged the Nutrients tab to where your remaining protein and carbohydrates grams are at THE BOTTOM of the list. This means everytime when you add a food, and want to check to see what your remaining targets are for the day, you must SCROLL ALL the way down to the bottom and skip over all the other nutrients just to look at your Carbohydrate and Protein macronutrients. This is extremely frustrating for those who use this app every 2-3 hours. Rated this app a 1/5 stars because of all the horrible changes they're making. We want to simply add a food, not go through 3 or 4 screens to get there to do that.

  22. I've been a member for over 3 years. I eventually learned to cook healthier meals, and as a result, know the amount of calories in nearly everything! I lost approximately 30 pounds in my first year. 😀 Sometimes I have to take breaks, because it becomes obsessive. But it really helps lose or even gain weight. I feel lost without it!

  23. While using My Fitness Pal I got so stressed out over my calories. I learned how many calories everything has and one I ate a bit more than usual I would get stressed. I also constantly kept thinking about my food. 
    Once I stopped using it, I finally started to have a healthy relationship with my food and managed to lose weight. I guess everything is the opposed for me XD

  24. Downloading this now, my fatass needs this. Is it bad that I started to sweat just from unlocking my phone and typing myfitnesspal in the appstore?

  25. That's very useful program. I've lost about eleven pounds just for a month! Add me as a friend on MFP at dezz630;) Good luck everybody!

  26. I appreciate the tutorial. Two of my neighbors have it and showed me how they do it so I thought I'd give it a shot (even though I have dotfit because I thought I'd compare). Anyway, I'm about to start an account and try it.

  27. Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me. I joined my fitnesspal but I don't have a smart phone, only a computer. I know that on a smart phone you can scan barcodes of packets and workout the number of calories per serving. Can you do the same on the PC version? I don't know how to work it out. Could you help me please? Cheers.

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