Introducing the MCrider Field Guide – iPhone and Android motorcycle app

The MCrider Field Guide is a mobile training tool that provides motorcycle training exercises, diagrams, professional instruction and video demonstrations to help you improve your handling and control of your motorcycle.

The MCrider Field Guide is a mobile support tool for the MCrider YouTube channel to promote motorcycle training when and where you are ready to train.

The Field Guide is free of charge to all supporters of MCrider on Patreon. For more information on becoming a Patron and…


  1. I was riding a cycle in windy conditions 35 mph at that time. when do you know when not to ride ?

  2. I heard Kevin say the bike will go where you look. Never really got it until today after dropping my bike a half dozen times. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but I am a believer after looking right at the curb I hit. Thanks Kevin. Made a pretty long ride today in the country and city traffic. Didn’t come close to dropping it.

  3. Can't do monthly patron but would buy the app if it were to come to fruition. Or one time payment on website. Thanks

  4. hi kev, your vids and field guide are helping me a lot, i am a returning rider – after many years! i work in saudi and take most of my holidays in thailand where my bike is[i have a thai wife] neither place do any instruction – no courses -no learning of any kind and yes they have a lot of accidents, i bought an R15 to get back into biking and i am using your vids and field guide, they are helping a lot – keep up the good work, brian

  5. The Field Guide sounds like a Great idea! Even a lot of 'experienced' riders will gain a LOT by working on these skills.
    I do have one small 'suggestion' about using a parking lot… at about 2:50 in the video, you show using the parking lines as a reference for placing your markers. That works very well — no one wants to be out there with big tape measures — but I suggest putting the markers at the END of the white lines so they are actually doing their stopping practice OFF of the paint stripes! Those stripes can be VERY slippery! (Especially if they are damp!) Which also brings up the suggestion to do some Braking Practice on WET pavement! You probably should practice EXTRA on wet pavement! Braking, curves, and all other maneuvers…become 3 times more dangerous on wet pavement!
    Just a couple of 'fine-tuning' suggestions. It has been a Very Long time since I 'officially' taught any riding or safety classes…but I am always encouraging people to become riders! And I always offer some of my personal time to help them…

  6. Great site, thanks for creating it.i have a windows phone,will field guide work on it, OS8.1 Windows mobile. Will it work on windows 10 laptop. Do you plan having a PDF that can be used?thanks

  7. Realy like the field guide. Question. Are the parking lot sizes bigger in Texas?

  8. Just became a Patron and checked out your FG………IMPRESSIVE! I am an "experienced" rider with over 100,000kms and always looking to train and become better. Can't wait to put this guide to practical use! Thank you!!

  9. This is fantastic.  I'm not in your exact category — I'm a scooterist.  But other than a few specifics, the lessons are essentially identical.  And I'm a newb: never rode in my life before a week ago, when I took my MSF class, passed, got my endorsement, and picked up my 170cc city commuter ride on Thursday.  Been scooting around the city all weekend and absorbing as much as I could… but I'm so VERY aware of how much I don't know yet, or even how not-ingrained the things the MSF class taught me are.  Other than being very much a defensive rider, I know no technique is natural enough to me yet to be instinctual.  Hell, I'm still working on countersteering (since in the city, I mostly come to a stop or at least sub 15 mph to take a 90˚ or sharper corner on most turns).  And yes, I can just practice on my own.  But going out into a parking lot and being like "what should I do now?" or not really having a way to assess my success… these were real hamstrings.  Your app, Kevin, is exactly what was needed.   You are, I am sure, a literal lifesaver.  Kudos!

  10. Awesome idea! Have you thought about releasing an app in the future, where we wouldn't need an internet connection? You could imbed the videos in the app so that they're always available, and could make it available for purchase on the App Store so that people who might not be able to be a monthly contributor could still help support the channel by purchasing the app.

  11. Kevin,
    Great Job! Love the idea of sustaining the FG by adding other tips and techniques as they are developed.

  12. Excellent idea Kevin, great way to maximize the use of your content, any thoughts on a stand alone (as in no need to have phone signal) app?
    Looking fwd to practice this weekend…thanks

  13. This is so sweet. My youngest daughter (20) said she wants to learn how to ride. This will be so awesome to have on hand. Thanks for all you are doing.

  14. I just recently purchased my first real motorcycle (I used to ride a tiny 110cc Honda scooter). Your channel has been key in my learning to ride my motorcycle safely. I've only had a few hundred kilometers under my belt and look forward to putting in thousands more with the help of your invaluable tips. Keep it up, Kevin! And thank you.

  15. As a "reentry" and patron I have found practice extremely helpful and this channel my go to. I guess Ill be getting a Ram mount. My suggestion is any and everything dealing with emergency braking. My biggest concern is not making it invariably automatic and effective. My strategy is a LOT of repetition through various scenarios. A LOT OF REPETITION. If you could maximize that on the app, well…

  16. Congratulations on the launch, Kevin!
    Thanks for your dedication and passion for coaching riders of all background, bike-type, and skill-level…!!!

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