Installed 10.25" BMW F20 F21 F22 Android Touch Screen GPS Navigation Multimedia

After installed in a BMW F22, this video shows you how does it work, factory radio upgrade with 10.25″ Android screen. Learn more here:

Thanks our partner from Colombia who provided this video, customers from Colombia can order and install directly from him.

New Android 7.1 OS, 2GB RAM version is also available now.


  1. Mine just got frozen…. doesn´t do nothing…stick on the bmw connected drive logo. do you know how to unfreeze it?

  2. Nice vid. I got mine from
    Seems to be kinda the same display, but they deliver from europe. So no import taxes to europe. I can recommend them to anyone who is located in europe. I am from The Netherlands myself and they helped me with the installation over WhatsApp. Their website recently added google translate and allowing shipping to Belgium , UK and so on. I know the site is badly translated. But those dudes will help you out!!

  3. When I go into Sport Gauge Display it shows I have 4 doors and not 2. How do I fix this? I can't find anything in the settings.

  4. Does this screen have a high reflection? Most of the android screens have a high reflection.. This screen seems to have less reflection is that correct?

  5. does the idrive controller have full functionality with it?

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