Install Custom ROM on Any Android Phone (Universal Guide)

Hey, guys! Welcome back to another video of the series “how to root any android phone”

In this video, we will look at how to install custom ROM on any android phone. But make sure that you have installed a custom recovery on your phone.

So please make sure that you have watched my first video of this series.




  1. I was flashing custom flash custom ROM.
    But i was only half way through like unlocking the bootloader and booting into custom recovery..and something definitely went i have the same phone as before with even new problem of screen sticking..alot than before.

  2. How do we root Hotwav symbol S4 phone cos I have tried all these one click app and didn't work . Please help me out.

  3. First of all. Hello from the philippines 🙂
    I have a question.
    Is there a way to do custom rom without wiping the data of your phone ? Does it remove root ?

  4. Should i install a custom rom before a custom kernal or can i just download and install a custom kernal without the rom

  5. Please stop this serie. You just need to look at it up per device. For example if you have the oneplus 6T this will brick your device. Because it has A and B slots.

    And factory reset your phone? Than you delete all files. That's why you need to have the files on pc or on a USB stick

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