Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market | High Society

Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market: High Society

British people use Nitrous oxide more than any other country in the world, and it recently became the second-most popular drug in the UK. The media became obsessed with the drug after a handful of deaths associated with it – often over-inflating its dangers.

The government’s response has been to include it in the Psychoactive Substances Act. This is a law that came about in response to the popularity of legal highs, putting a ban on…


  1. Me and my ex would spend about $8000 a month on whippets, so bad that when we would open the car door chargers would fall out everywhere you went. when you got a whippet habit and can afford to buy alot it's a bad combination, the same thing happened to my ex, the part of the brain that tells your body what to do like walk or move gets messed up if you do it alot everyday, it effected me to where everytime I coughed I would pass out, we would do them all day everyday

  2. That thief at the end sounded like a cartoon, like what someone imitating a British accent would do except…he actually sounds like that.

  3. We Americans are the drug abusers of the world. I personally do enough of the work for 2 or 3 people but am not into psychedelics.

  4. It's absolutely true – here in America, the Deadhead community was ruled by the Nitrous Mafia for many many years. It was sad. It's a lousy high – I have no idea why people are so committed to it.

  5. Well here I am in lockdown due to covid 19 at 1am watching people suck on kids balloons to get high and now I finally understand the meaning of life.

  6. in 2015 i bought 400 cartridges and 3 days later my whole bed was full of the things xD

  7. Honestly this don't even seem like it's that bad at all just secure the big N02 bottles better and boom theft problem solved.

  8. quick tip: you can just buy loads off Amazon no questions asked lmao

  9. Me searching for wtf is that caridage for 9 years ..always thought it was portable charger

  10. Why does everyone have a fucking skeleton mask in every episode of this high society shit

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