Increase Battery Life on Android Tablet (Important!)

Easily increase the battery life of your andorid tablets, try these tricks and they cost you no money except if you want the more advnaced options.

The tablet I used in the video is the Teclast X80 pro, which is one of my favorite 2 in 1 tablet pc.

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  1. My tab is ikon -7108 4000mah power battery but when we charged into 100 percentage it will turned into 95'. 68. 41. 35. 20 percentage .. this whill happened in 15 minutes

  2. Hey I have a gletcher uzm submachine co2 gun and I go to shoot it and it leaked I just got it today and it work at first than later went to shoot it again and it leeked and it wouldn’t shoot what do I do fix it

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