Improve Battery Life | Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge – Tips & Tricks

Galaxy S7 – S7 Edge – Improve Battery Life S7 & S7 Edge – Simple – Easy Tips – Also Increase Battery life on any Android Phone – Marshmallow – Lollipop Battery Life.
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  1. The only thing that works for me was the KERNEL AUDITOR app you need to be root, in the app only choose cpu and down the frequency of the cores however there are tutorial, that give me 12 hours of regular use, before i was 4 hours of battery.

  2. How to fix S7 edge battery draining without doing anything. It was 100% to 90% In only 7 min

  3. Stop watching YOUTUBE…battery will stop draining 😉.
    Anyways thumbs up bro 👍

  4. This is why I use a Fuckin iPhone 6s. I have an S7 edge and I have to deal with the battery shit. Wtf is this. I have 0 problems like this on my iPhone. FK Samsung. First they show off their stupidly bright display and then the battery life is shit.

  5. Can you do another one with the android nougat? I need to figure out how to stop my battery draining while it’s just sitting idle. Also, I keep choosing medium power saving mode and it keeps switching to off. Shouldn’t it stay until I change it?

  6. Hey…your battery in this video says 81% Estimated usage time remaining 8 h 6 m ???? How is that possible ? My galaxy s5 is the exact same !!!! What is the problem ? My battery doesn't even last a day 🙁 I am lucky to get like 12 hours !

  7. hey man the battery optimization thing turns off after i open it and quit it.
    i enable all apps and after i closed the settings menu and go back it is turned off again

  8. sir please tell me the protector you are using.. finding this kind of thing from 6 month back … my s7 edge has many probs wd glass nd plastic proctector but u hv got the perfect

  9. Apart from the Developer Options trick and Greenify app are there any other trick to speed up performance and save battery at the same time?

  10. can u plse tell me where did u get the glass screen protector on your phone in this video?give link if possible

  11. When you click on all apps in battery optimization, it does not enable all apps. It shows all apps. The video is wrong. Just a heads up

  12. how to use edge lighting and change the colour of light during the incoming call of samsung galaxy s7 edge?

  13. did you increase the speed of opening the apps? I press my settings button and it takes a half a second to load.

  14. Turn wifi off during sleep = No whatsapp notifications.
    Turn sync off = No email notifications.

    Smart phone = Dumb phone.

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