Implementing login with Facebook and Github from scratch – Java Brains


  1. I am new to Spring boot

    1. I started with Koushik's tutorial on Spring Boot on march 10

    2. Then i followed his CoronaTracker Tutorial and hosted in my website in AWS

    3. Then i followed MicroServices Level 1 – Communication and Service Discovery

    4. Then i followed MicroServices Level 2 – Fault Tolerance and Resilience (on top of that that i implemented Netflix zuul, Spring cloud sleuth, RabbitMQ and Zipkin server for tracing)

    5. Then i followed MicroServices Level 3 – Microservices Configuration

    6. Finally i did Spring Security and i am ending here on May 1

    7. Now i am going to implement Oauth for my microservices (Client Credentials Flow)

    8. Then i am deploy my microservices to Docker and then deploy the docker image to AWS ECS

    9. Then i am going to learn Spring Unit and Integration Test

    With this i will complete the entire cycle of Spring boot

    10. Then i will learn reactjs and integrate with my microservice with some full stack technologies

  2. A very nice explanation.
    Recently I got a chance to visit Germany for Working purpose, I was happy as well as surprised to see that many people in Germany follow your tutorial.
    But I was really sad to hear that, they are not able to pronounce your name correctly!!!!!!!

  3. First time i created and the application worked as expected but next getting the following error. Can someone help me on this.
    Further my html page is not getting hooked up.

    UserInfoTokenServices : Could not fetch user details: class org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException$NotFound, 404 Not Found: [{"error":{"message":"(#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: mem","type":"OAuthException","code":803,"fbtrace_id":"AZ6NSc-_Q_1jOir87Z4nUFh"}}]

  4. If the user doesn't ve account in Facebook or Github, what type of error it will shows…?

  5. Hi Kaushik, please add more tutorials for authentication in micro services using open id connect

  6. Koushik Sir, It takes a lot to research on and present it this with level of articulation. I have learned a lot from your videos. I was able to switch jobs because of you. Many congratulation and THANK YOU(Pls, Assume this thank you is written in bold and biggest font size ever :P)

  7. Great, but one of the most important things is missing. You're missing triggering specific OAuth type on user demand while you have a couple Auth options configured in your project. For example, you should configure FB, Ln & Google OAuth and offer a choice to the user and then trigger Auth via the chosen app. That way this course will be complete.

    But, it still rocks!!

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