iMovie Special Effects – iPhone iPad iOS – iMovie Tricks & Hacks

This iMovie iPhone Effect tutorial video demonstrate just how easy it is to create a cool video with your iPhone and or iPad, complete with awesome effects.

Watch as I incorperate video sound effects, video effects, transition as well as music effects. It’s never been easier to create awesome video effects than it is today with iMove and a few other apps that are covered in this iMovie app tutorial for iPhone. Creating fun iPhone iMovie tricks or hacks can increase engagement, drive more…


  1. Anyone else watching this in 2020? All these nuggets are still true for iMovie today. I use it in everyone of my videos 😉

  2. Need this very EDUCATIONA VLOG for a neecyou tuber like me. If u wanna see my vlogs guys please do so and would love to see your lovely comments thank you😊

  3. iMovie has basic stuff like sound fX which is pretty boring but it’s still pretty good

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