If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

Now that our lives are pretty much inseparable from our smart devices, it would only be the honest and responsible thing for Apple to do to jack up the price on their super fragile phones.



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  1. As an Android user this does not apply I buy one Android every year 😉 and never have a problem plus my android is about $50 😂yup you heard that right $850 get out of here never would i pay that.

  2. Anyway, the BS8 is twice as fast, weighs negative pounds and can fix your relationship with your father.

    Laughs in iPhone 11

  3. "It also takes phone calls, but you won't answer them".

    Jesus Christ, that phrase is like a meteor strike.

  4. That statement about the nets about factories is sadly true. Apple uses this company (I don't know which) to manufacture their phones.

  5. Wholly hell :56 sent and update and doesn’t work!! iPhone did that with last update 10.13.1?

  6. "You seem to prefer things that are overpriced"
    I'm the complete opposite. I stretch my dollars. I shop on Ebay, never on Amazon. I buy my batteries from a Dollar General, including my floss, notebooks, moisturizer, Kleenex, and, assorted candies.

  7. I wish everybody would stop hating each other, all phones have ups and downs. Example Samsung plasters ads all over old phones and Apple slows down the old phones battery sometimes and Nokia I’m actually not sure about Nokia it’s actually pretty decent except that the 2.1 is really slow. Can we all be entitled to our opinions without being hated against. I really just want this war to stop because we are all acting like little kids now. What do you say troopers? And btw this is coming from a person that has an iPhone 11 and Samsung a30 in their family. Both have batteries that are really long and they’re really similar. The only different is the price which is a big price, and that the iPhone 11 is more slick. If your in debt or in a budget tho get the a30, might look a little blocky and not as slick but it’s basically the same thing but only around $350 in Australia. And don’t ask about the profile I’m currently using my little sisters account ( don’t even know why she has ones kids these days ) because I forgot my password lol 😂

  8. Yeah Apple doesn’t care about making there phones a complete godly system… they only care about upgrading a damn Camera that doesn’t need more upgrades… so yeah… Apple think more about the inner IPhone rather than that dumb camera us nerds don’t care about…

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