I Recommend this iPhone! – iPhone SE (2020)

Linus rarely gets excited for the next iPhone, why is he recommending this one?

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  1. 6:00
    Watching this from my Galaxy S7 and I'd get an updated Galaxy S7 if it got a spec boost with the current flagship soc and maybe an updated camera.

  2. Hey world! We know we got Coronavirus, and most people are out of work and can't afford sh*t, but HEY! We're gonna call this cheapish lame phone "the bees knees" and hope you all find $400 to scrounge up and spend at our word and pad our pockets until the world gets back to normal and you can be coerced again into buying $1200 phones!!

  3. Every year, for the last 4 years I was expecting an iPhone "SE2" or "X Mini" with the same vessel/size of the last SJ iPhone (5S). Never happened. And… will never happen. I'm so disappointed.

  4. I have the original iPhone SE and I was thinking of buying the new SE, but it costs 500-600€ depending on the storage size. So I decided to order iPhone 8 plus for like 360€ 🙂

  5. Yeah I will probably recommend it to those who work 2 to 3 hours (not including commuting) of work cause of it's mediocre battery life. And it's glaring omission of Night mode is scumbag low as we know it is computational based.

  6. Wasted my money on such useless product.
    The battery backup is only 4-5 hours on moderate usage ,also on hardcore use it lasts only 3-4 hours.
    Totally disappointed

  7. The battery in iphone SE is so bad man. 1800 mah won't last to end of the day. In standby for sure it lasts but if I play a game for 30 mins, half of the battery will drain.

  8. Linus watches so much how to train your dragon that he now looks like the new assassins creed trailer.

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