I/O BootCamp 2011: Beginner's Guide to Android

Speaker: Nick Butcher

This session will provide the basics of what you need to know to be an Android developer: An overview of the API and tools, developer workflows, and Android Market.


  1. You might want to check out a channel called "the new boston". There are great tutorials there (200 tutorials for android!!!)

  2. 1. Due to the number of viruses on Windows, Google Uses Mac or Linux
    2. If you speak a language, you definitely have an accent too!
    3. Question of taste!

  3. I have no idea what people complaining about his accent are talking about. I hardly notice anything at all.

  4. First impression: oh, he's using a Mac. Second: uhh, that's some accent. Third: duh, what an annoying t-shirt.

  5. Wow, there's so many narrow minded people in this comments. A hammer will be a hammer regardless of what brand you use, is how you use it what will yield results.
    As for the presentation, it gives a good general idea on what goes into developing an app, but does not teach you how to make an app, just an FYI.
    And as an American English speaking individual, his accent sounds just fine and understandable to me

  6. Can't Google find an american english speaking presenter to do the demo? the accent is really disturbing for me who lives in US.

  7. how much to u actually earn per sale , and how much goes to the android company?
    is it a better deal than apple?

  8. @mrmoe110
    this video is for aspiring developers, not for people who care about what laptop someone else is using.

  9. @mrmoe110 Sorry just saw how messed up that comment was, make some assumptions about what I'm saying and you will figure it out. Was really distracted. There's some double negatives that shouldn't be there 😛

  10. @mrmoe110 Actually why they're building a OS altogeather is supprsing. It's open source so there's no selling it really. Google doesn't really gain anything from the OS itself I think, unless I'm missing something.

    And if they don't I think that's why they're not really pushing for it. And as many other mentions it puts them in a great light to have this open policy rather than the windows/mac arian use of Windows or Mac.

    I watch this to learn though, I may see things differently.

  11. @mrmoe110 If you think we live in a world where chrome needs publicity at a Beginners Guide to android, talk. I don't know what to say. And macs are superior when it comes to laptops due to the fact that apple already only does prebuilt.. Only sensible choice really, if you got the money.

  12. He speaks really clear, easy to understand English. If you don't understand him then good luck understanding anybody. Also, you can always enable subtitles.

  13. He speaks really clear, easy to understand English. If you don't understand him then good luck understanding anybody.

  14. @JLishere Actually I heard last year that Google doesn't allow Windows clients anymore due to security risks, I don't know if that actually happened though.

  15. I had to put my full concentration on just trying to understand Nick Butcher's English than listening to the lesson. Damn!!! DAMN!!! I HATE WHEN I CANT UNDERSTAND THE ENGLISH OF THE SPEAKER, I REALLY had to put my full ATTENTION on just trying to just understand his English than learning his android BootCamp course.

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