I Got BANNED From PUBG Mobile…

“I Got BANNED From PUBG Mobile… (PUBG Mobile BANNED My Account and I Didn’t Even HACK!) – Android Ban – PUBG Mobile Banned Account Fix (PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks) PUBG Mobile New Update Gameplay (PUBG Mobile Settings) Mouse and Keyboard Ban”


How to Play PUBG Mobile Mouse & Keyboard the REAL WAY!

Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with a PUBG Mobile experiment video! In this PUBG Mobile test video, I…


  1. I had so many difficulties making this video. Almost broke my computer when editing. The program always crashed, and it killed me. I spent over 15 hours trying to edit this video because of these problems. Please, all I ask is for you to leave a like on the video in return. Please show your support. Thank you so much, guys. A lot of suffering happened to get this posted. I hope you enjoy.

  2. How using keyboard and mouse is cheating? It is basic functionality of the smartphone and the game also supports it.

  3. There are many ways to do this undetected. I don't need it cause I got a redmagic 5g. It's like an integrated cheat

  4. WHAT? so you can get banned for using a controller or keyboard???

  5. How did someone type w a s d on their computer if it wasn’t working?
    Jk you can always type it on phone

  6. by unauthorized app, they mean this app called penguin, where u can map a controller to pubg, and cheat. so yh your welcome

  7. Don't worry dudes im a pubg player, but im only gonna use keyboard and mouse on minecraft pe since windows 10 and mobile are crossed platform soo its unfair for mobile players in bedwars or pvp servers

  8. I got killed by a guy with no recoil hack and could shoot through walls

  9. But what if you cheat just on a pay2win game e.g. pixel gun 3d with just the currency but not other stuff like armour/health or fire rate, just hacking the currency?

  10. All Cheaters/Hackers are pro in Cheating/Hacking but Noob in Gameplay because they have an unfair fight

  11. I’m not LOL I’m not a cheater it won’t get u any where in life I hope no one hacks or cheats that’s just not right LOL it won’t get u any where and may u fren me ::: my name::: catlover123400

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