I Finally Gave In: From Android to the iPhone Xs Max!

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I switched to the iPhone Xs Max after being on Android for 10 years. I feel that iOS has made a ton of changes, but mostly the Apple Watch won me over.
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  1. Watching this on a 2014 iPhone 6, which is still smooth as silk. iPhones are more expansive (generally) but they last longer. Isn’t that the great equalizer? What’s the real cost of ownership?

  2. The a12 and the 4gb of ram is more than enough lol still a beast till this day by far this phone is pushing 2 years old and still does well that’s why Apple will remain at the top the products age very well

  3. I had iPhone 7 plus. Had a lot of issues. Switched to Note 9, even more issues. I'm switching back to iPhone,

  4. I wonder if you can use something like the Apple Watch when you have a pacemaker, because I have a pacemaker….

  5. I myself just went from the note 9 to the XS max, I have to say the transition has been pretty painless so far. I’ve been with android since my first smartphone (galaxy 3) I never even considered giving iPhone a chance. I had no reason to switch other than I had never done it. I have to say I’ll probably stick with iPhone now.

  6. I'm switching to iOS as a experiment to try a iPhone for 2 months getting the iPhone SE if I like it I'll get a better Iphone if not it's back to android.

  7. I admit it I hate some operating systems on phones like my old LG Leon and my Motorola g5 and my huwei p10 and my Samsung galaxy a70 I hate the new pie update and the older updates I downloaded a ios 7 I launcher and a ios 7 battery signal notification bat thing

  8. ive been thinking of switching from LG to Iphone. We have no apple products is the issue. when we switch phones in two years maybe I will switch because by then our computers will be 8 years old and 5 years old.

  9. Android has a slow response time due to java overlay. Makes it unusable for real time software like music making apps.

  10. im saying that u can get a pixel for way cheaper than an XS max and get a better camera better screen res and a headphone jack.. its worth buying an android instead of an iphone, you get way more for cheaper/same price

  11. I don’t think iOS will ever have widgets that you can apply to the home screen when all you have to to is 3D Touch the app and there’s your widget

  12. Hi, this is Sia, would you like to review our iPhone XS Max wallet case? Our brand is TOOVREN. The case has three functions: wallet function, lanyard function and kickstand function.

  13. I went from a Pixel 3 to an iPhone xr but I didn't like it as much. The thing I liked the most was the battery life but it's do hard to use it one handed. It's just not for me but I think they are both great. To each their own.

  14. I have used the pixel 2xl, note 9, and xs…..iphone is the complete package, great video, audio, still images, fluid software, responsive touch….

  15. @Kevin The Tech Ninja
    I know I'm a bit late on this video, but overall how are you liking the iPhone or did you move back to an android?

  16. Also a "traitor" switching from the OnePlus 5T to the XS Max. Had the S7 Edge before which wasn't the most pleasant experience but the 5T has been great software-wise. As I've gotten older, customisation has become less and less important to me and I want the simplicity of iOS back, not to mention the far better camera than my OnePlus!

  17. Kevin that's not true…We know you eat, drink & breath Android.. we know that .. no one leave liberty to slavery(bondage) isheep.

  18. I personally just find iOS apple functions a heck of a lot better……I prefer the true to color screen, touch sensitivity of Apple products are one of the best, Androids don't feel as responsive to your touch sometimes. My iPhones just work well so many years

  19. 9:20 IFTTT does that a lot better, u can automate EVERYTHING!!! Check it out it's a must have app and it's free.

  20. iPhone user here for 3 years. Congratulations to all user who switched from Android. Enjoy the super boring iPhone But i gave credit to the smoothness and security of iOS but still fucking boring. Lol.

  21. I know this comment is really late, but I just wanna ask y'all who switched to iPhones .. how was the adjustment of having navigation keys to NO navigation keys?

  22. Ive been an android user or lemme say a samsung userfor 8-10yrs now I think and im planning to try ios since it will be my first time. Just wanna experience and see why do some people love iPhone. My dad owns a 5s and 8 but I rarely use his phone since I said it was his phone. But now im planning to give a iphone a try but dont worry my co-android user if It doesnt work for me I can buy a secondary phone and that is a android I mean I could buy a huawei since it was affordable. Changing an android brand wont hurt right.

    Im just going to give a iphone a shot and if it doesnt score then Im doing my plan buying a secondary phone

  23. How is the LTE connectivity on the Iphone xs max? I got the 7 plus and I am having connectivity issues when trying to stream from iheart radio, or the radio app.

  24. I've been using android since 2010, I've had flagships and mid range phones, varying from HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and Google.

    But, i thought it would be time for a change and i've decided on a regular XS with 512gb, there are pro's and con's for sure. I will say apple nails a lot of things that i disliked about android.

    Remember that choosing an iPhone isn't "betraying android", open your mind to change and learn that perhaps it's okay to switch between each platform every once in a while.

  25. It's ironic you mention a lot of YouTubers use iPhone because when you watch videos talking about Android and how good it is, you see they have a damn Apple watch on…LOL…SMH

    But hey, they can certainly do whatever they want : )

  26. Watching from an iPhone XS Max switched from a Note 8 in November 2018 and same experience I absolutely love it! this is the first iPhone that I feel is finally on par with any Android phone, the performance is just buttery smooth no matter what you do.

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