I can make a phone tripod out of anything!

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Some of my phone “tripod and/or slider” ideas I use when I make my stop motion videos. You might not have these particular items and it would be a lot more convenient and practical to use an actual tripod, but these are for your inspiration, for that moment when you have an idea but no tools to do it. Tools shouldn’t stop you! You can make anything out…


  1. Can you make this out of water (which is more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit)? I bet you canโ€™t. L๐Ÿ˜‚L!

  2. Nice work – some fine ingenuity here. My frugal document camera for a top-down/plan view is an old phone and a tripod made out of a wooden crutch. Its a bit unwieldy but it does fold up enough to travel and its served me well.

  3. I think you should do an Instructable for how to make a "frugal phone tripod designer/builder award"

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