Hyundai Blue Link 2019 Detailed Tutorial and Review: Tech Help

This Tech Help Tutorial we will review the Hyundai Blue Link (2019) System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is seen in almost all Hyundai products, including the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, Elantra, Tucson and upcoming Hyundai Palisade. We will be looking at the Blue Link app suite, Blue Link Remote start, WiFi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Integrated Navigation, Voice Commands, Remote Control via the Blue Link app and much more.

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  1. Hello my dear friend I have a question and I will be so happy if you answered it and helped me , I just bought a used car Hyundai Sonata 2017 2.4l GDI and it is American model and I live in Kurdistan the case is it has a blue link and everything and went to my Hyundai site to get blue link account and it said this vehicle is already registered I tried so much to fix it and get new account but it doesn’t allow me so please if you know how to help me I will be so appreciate and thanksfull to you and thanks allot . @car confections

  2. BlueLink is terrible in Canada, not a selling feature, should be considered a negative compared to other car manufacturers that offers standard key fob starter.

  3. Bluelink auto start energizes the vehicles emergency flashers. When these lights are flashing it generally indicates an emergency situation. This can be very confusing and irritating for neighbors and passer Byers. This just doesn’t make sense to me! Why would Hyundai do this?!

  4. Understand this. The scam is to charge you at least $200 a year for a fucking remote start! Done

  5. I keep seeing articles that Samsung watches support the BlueLink Remote options, but I can't find it on the Play Store. They also say it works for Apple Watches, and it shows… is there something specific I have to search in order for it to come up and download to my watch?

  6. Excellent explanation and information. The Hyundai system really looks impressive.

  7. any person with a Hyundai with an active/ability to activate Blue link service on their cars for a pay of 100$…inbox for the link

  8. Does the 2019 Santa Fe in limited trim also
    Come with the built in navigation or is it just standard on the ultimate?

  9. I bought 2019 Hyundai Sonata SEL it doesn't have a navigation system. I called Hyuandi to add Guidance. I was told my car screen wasn't equipped for that feature.😤

  10. When in navigation mode, is there a compass heading display? I didn't see one in this great review which I thank you for.

  11. Just bought a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe ultimate 2.0t..
    Although, yes it's a pretty straight forward system.. I still watched today to further familiarize myself with it.
    Thanks for this video!
    Keep up the great work guys

  12. Thinking about getting the SEL, does it have navigation included for the 3 years or is it only available in highrer trims ?

  13. When you use android auto for navigation(waze) can you also have an ipod connected via aux and listen to music?

  14. Thanks for the detailed tech video, I have a little history with Blue Link system in my grandmothers 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate AWD, awesome update Hyundai has done.

  15. Just bought a brand new 2019 Tucson Ultimate. This video is very detailed and helpful. Thank you!

  16. When you run android auto, can you listen to AM/FM radio at the same time?

  17. Cant wait for the 2019 Mazda 3 Hatch review. Not a fan of Hyundai infor system, but great tutorial guys.

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