Hungry Shark World: Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

With 500 million mobile downloads, the award-winning Hungry Shark series dives on console July 17! Sink your teeth into this exclusive deep-sea adventure on PS4™, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™.

Control more than 20 different sharks, take on challenging boss battles, explore unique locations, and unlock missions and hidden treasures!

Hungry Shark® World is now available on PS4™, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™….


  1. Ubisoft can you please answer i know your not going to but when i play an error happens pretty often

  2. Hi,i just wondered if the new special sharks and skins and events can come to console sometime in the future?

  3. Dear Ubisoft, please — sometime in the near future — bring Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Dragon to consoles like what you did with Hungry Shark World.

  4. Why does console edition cost money but every other device that has hungry shark world it doesn't cost money. Please explain

  5. hungry shark world was fun but 9 dollars and tax for switch and on phone its free but i still bought

  6. Can you connect your old account to this one or not, someone who has this on there console please tell me?

  7. For everone wondering on whether this game will be free or not. It's 9.99 Schmeckles.

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