Huawei's Android Ban – Is My Phone Useless?

A deep dive into the implications to you and your device after Huawei were essentially banned from using Android and Google Play Store and how Huawei can find a way around this.


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  1. I would've gotten Hauwei I just dont like the software and that they were banned from Google

  2. Lesson learned. Why use 3rd party software to operate your device. Huawei, learned the lesson, Samsung and other smart devices manufacturer should already be working on their own OS and even their own GPS global map, just like Apple. Create you own stuff. period.

  3. isnt a smart phone just a commodity now whether its Huawei or any other phone its the software thats important as bill gates once said

  4. Honestly, I always hated phones so I got a cheap Huawei phone. I used to own a Windows phone before so I kinda dropped in the same hole tow, ALL I NEED IS TO FREAKING US MY PHONE AS A PHONE!!! Jesus!!

  5. I’m thinking in buying honor 20 lite, but does it still has android for that model ?

  6. I am NOT going to buy any more Apple products. The US government helps Apple to cheat in competition.

  7. The only thing I'm worried for is youtube. Will I still be able to use it if I download it from third party websites? If not I will have to get a new phone😒

  8. Can anyone help me out install google on my Huawei Mate 20 X please?

    I did a hard reset to be able to sell it and BOOM all google apps dissapeared.

  9. I was just about to get my first Huawei P30 Pro in a few days, but I came to know that Huawei's Mate 30PRO would also be a killer smartphone as the rumours say it will have a cine-camera which I am totally into, waiting for its launch eagerly, and screw the ban… If it's worth my money, I am gonna get it.

  10. Hey man
    Thx for the video
    My device now (P30 Life) has Android and Play Store

    What I know is that It'll have the current Android version it has for life and no updates will be released…..

    My Question, am I going to still be able to use the Google PLAYSTORE???

    and by the end of it all, can I bypass this problem if I root my phone and install Custom Rom o. It? Thanks

  11. Look at all these conspiracy theorists. It was banned for a reason. Don't forget where it was made from. Chinese companies are mostly scandalous. Even to their own people for centuries. Once they gain massive marker share, they won't give a fuxk and screw people over with privacy infringements and drop of quality

  12. Huawei have been forced into ceasing all operations with huawei
    ~TechZG 2019

  13. Apple: Introducing the TOTALLY ALL NEW 3 CAMERAS
    Huawei: we have like 5…
    Apple (pulling hair out): BAN! THEM! ALLLL!!!!

  14. So I'm planning to buy a huawei phone but old model. Is it safe for me to do so?

  15. The US has now said that they will start rrading again with the Chinese companies which can imply that Google can work with Huawei again.

  16. you spent the first minute asking us questions that you are supposed to give answers to

  17. So CAN I USE YouTube app and google maps app on a Huawei Device?
    Yes or No
    Yes or No
    Yes or No
    The video talks so much but nothing on point.

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