Huawei P30 Pro – How to improve your battery life

Here are some tips to help you save battery life and make your phone run longer on a single charge.

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  1. Not sure why Huawei has battery saver mode, it's best on normal mode. Those of you that have battery problems after emui 10 should wipe cache partition and then allow the phone upto 3-5 days of use so it can adjust the battery to you.

  2. Before id use my p30 pro for atleast 1 and a half day but after a recent update my phone doesn't even work for a single day with regular use battery drains very fast please help.

  3. Just got P30 and by doing nothing it lost 25 percent of battery in 40min. By all advices on internet I have seen ther's only advices not to use all that fone is made for. less that and less that. I don't need longer battery life. I just don't think it's good enough if phone looses battery by doing nothing.

  4. My battery life is perfectly fine. Its the Bluetooth connection to my car that's a major problem. Keeps disconnecting

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