Huawei P Smart 2019 Tips & Tricks | Best Features!

Our Huawei P Smart (2019 model) tips & tricks guide runs through our favourite EMUI 9 features, so you know how to get setup and get the most from your new Huawei phone.

We’ve collected together the best hidden tools and helpful apps found on the P Smart 2019, all buried away inside of Huawei’s Emotion UI software. Here we’ll show you how to:

Bring back the apps drawer
Customise the P Smart’s display including how to hide the notch
Activate parental controls
Use WiFi Bridge
Setup the…


  1. Got one as my provider over here (not UK) gave one to me for a nominal one Euro (!!) for my contract extension… cute, so I took it. When I received it I was in such a rush that I attempted to open the SIM tray door or slider by poking the hole to the right … not the hole immediately to the left!!! I later found out I poked (a few times, and hard, as it would open) the sound/noise cancellation mic!!! I am just hoping that the mic is placed such that poking that hole won't damage it. What a damned silly place to put such a hole!!! I can't tell if I've damaged it as I don't know what it would sound with or without noise cancellation. Does anyone know? People sound OK to me when i hear them on the earpiece … no idea.

  2. Hello, I've been doing a little research lately, looking for a smartphone to buy. My final options are the Huawei P Smart (2019) and an iPhone 7 128GB. I would like your opinion. Best regards.

  3. It's the worst camera performance ever. Both front and back cameras are terrible. Except this problem it's a good phone in general. But no tips or tricks can fix this horrible camera.

  4. Lol stop playing pubg and do your homework!! Well i am between honor play and p smart 2019 ,only for pubg ,which one do u suggest?

  5. I just bought it today and have been using the whole day… it's great… I have always used the iPhone for the last 9 years… this is the first time, I have bought an android phone… I would definitely recommend this especially if your budget is tight 😉 … moreover, its functions are easy to use…

  6. I know that rn Google îs banning some (or all) of its service over New Huawei models (including some that were after 2019 06)

  7. Why the fuck can't I rotate the home screen, piece of shit let's me do it when I open an app for a few seconds.

  8. smart assistence mis touch prevention in settings nearly caused me to throw my phone away it was going crazy couldnt look or type anything,switch it off!!!! just saved myself 200 pounds,psmart 2019 great phone love it

  9. Only issue I have with this phone is the Kirin 710 chipset, honestly wish it had at least the 970 😔

  10. anyone figure out how to get the teeny weeny tiny notification light working for Different Apps ?

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