In this video i will be showing you how i can stream movies, youtube , instagram , facebook to my cars radio using apple carplay.

***DO NOT USE THE INFO IN THIS VIDEO WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING. Use this app at your own risk**

App =

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How To Watch Youtube On Your Car Radio With A Simple…


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  2. I have I phone 8 13.3 iOS. Will it work or do I have to do something different

  3. Peace be upon you, a question, how to download this update, is it possible to know the way, knowing that I have the Elantra 2018 and I am required to update the screen, but I do not know the site where the update is, if possible, thank you

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  6. Hey I have an iPhone XR running 13.3 would this work and if so would you share a link so I can jailbrake the phone ?

  7. Great vid. You know if this will work if you use a dongle carplay plug, instead of the built in apple carplay?

  8. My YouTube won’t open. I have an iPhone but does installing google mess it up? Is this just set up for Android?

  9. bmw just uses a usb and boom everything is on the screen

  10. Man if u don’t put some red TireStickers on those wheels and stop playin 😤😤😤

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