How to Watch Videos and Movies with Friends Online

There’s nothing quite like watching movies and videos together in the same room, but the next best thing is to watch videos with friends online. Here’s our list of the best apps and websites that will let you do just that:

Netflix Party:
Sync Video:…


  1. never thought id hear Winnie the Pooh giving tech tips during a quarantine

  2. Question-hope I'm describing it well-I have Two Seven and love it. I manage a Facebook Group that does movie live streams, but we've used you tube movie links based on my somewhat limited understanding of it. Is there a way to have two seven playing a movie through my account that can then be shared on facebook live for a group members to watch in the facebook group?

    i want to watch videos etc with my friends on multiple laptops but i wanna watch the videos i have on my pc… So how can i watch that?????

  4. if the streamer or the watcher "laggy" is cause what? our internet or had another trouble?

  5. If you miss using Rabbit try Kosmi, no sign up needed and you can even share your desktop if you use Popcorn time or something similar. Way better than any on this list.

  6. i wanna watch and make fun of the Ghost Stories dub with friends during quarantine

  7. This sad corona brought all of us here because we want to see are friends and do stuff with them

  8. You can use Skype to share screen and watch movie 2gether. Remember to turn on "share computer sound". Good luck 😉

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