How To Watch Netflix Together Long Distance (PC and Mac)

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Download Kast

Watch Netflix Together on Android and iOS



  1. Check out Scener it's an extension that's way better than netflix party not everyone needs to have netflix. Only the host. I swear this ain't an ad just tryin to help

  2. KAST comes up with black screen when using netflix.. but for youtube it’s going fine..

  3. Do you have any procedure to synchronize the playback slider of VLC media player (preferably) or any other media player on two computers playing the same offline file but are far and connected to the internet. For instance if I pause/rewind that movie here in my PC, it should be paused/rewind in the other computer too.

  4. DiscussionBar is better because you never have to leave YouTube to watch together. Netflix too.

  5. Check out – Vemos. It works with Netflix, but also Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Hulu.

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