How to use Zoom Video Conferencing on iPhone & Android

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use the Zoom mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Learn about the Zoom desktop app in this video:


  1. Hi How do you don’t need the other web browsers if you downloaded them on Google but you want to get rid of them because you’re trying to download another app on on the computer windows 10?

  2. Hi Kevin. I've been watching your videos recently and they are very helpful. Can you please also create a video related to revenue and expenses. If you can provide a sample format that will be great. Thanks.

  3. first, let me say im only 10 but let me get on with it, so basically my mum made me change from her Microsoft account to mine and whenever I opened roblox, it opened onto google but I haven't been on my account for a long time so I had to update it and now it opens onto internet explorer I think, please can you make a vid on how to change it to google if you do then thx

  4. Hello Sir
    What is Visual Enhancement in PowerPoint ?
    How to brush up in PowerPoint ?

  5. Your YouTube account is beneficial and deserves to be subscribed. Every time thank your for your teaching us important lessons, I appreciate and like your videos and can't wait to get more videos from you. thank you!!!

  6. What a fantastic vid!Do you feel interested in testing our microphone?That is a kind of microphones which is suitable for zoom user:)

  7. Don't use Zoom. It's a security nightmare. Instead, everyone should try Jitsi Meet. It's end to end encrypted. Thank you πŸ™

  8. Kevin, I had heard there is a safety risk using Zoom and it was suggested people not use Zoom.

  9. thers is none now and im the first i love your CHANNEL ABout you work at microsoft and when i grow i want to work in microsoft youre my idle

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