How to use Your Smartphone as a Dashcam

In this video we will be demonstrating how you can use your smartphone as a dashcam.

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  1. I use an "retired" phone. And I have made a free Google Account just for this phone.
    It means that every time I park my car near my house, the phone will automaticly connect to My wifi, and the recorded video is saved in google photos.

  2. Could you use an otg adapter to attach a webcam to your phone and then use the app with that instead?

  3. yes best app using for awhile now, it records speed time and location much clearer than those ridiculous dashcam that fails after one month. only thing the phone gets hot in summertime and shuts off after awhile if left on guard when away from your car. but i work around that 2 thumps up for this app

  4. Only problem is that this will drain the battery empty incredibly quickly.

  5. Thanks for sharing this helpful video. 🤝 Keep up the excellent work! 👍👍

  6. Thanks, this was really helpful. Have paid for 2 dash cams for my two cars, neither work anymore and I cant figure out wth is wrong being a bit tech challenged! 😉 But THIS I can handle. 👍

  7. Does this software supports following features
    – vibration reduction
    – automatically overwrite oldest video if storage exceeded
    – recording in background, turn screen off while recording

  8. Does this software allow the phone to be turned off whilst recordings…otherwise will cause damage to phone

  9. I just passed the return date of stupud expensive dash cam f8000 over $500. I have s8+ . Impulsive buy! Want to
    Sell it after seeing ur video! That immediate viewing is what I needed and this bs dash cam has a f… Process and that annoying lady speaking each time u start the engine. How I did not think about this is beyond me. Good work eventhough u reminded me my $500 wound!!

  10. Thank you so much. This is really good, especially because it's practically free & the quality is even better than most "normal" dashcams! ♥️

  11. Sounds good, however, my only concern would be that video recording on a smart phone is brief.

  12. Great video I do hope that you guys could do more repurposing/lifehack videos for your smartphone just like this one.

  13. which micro sd card is the fastest for a mobile phone ? lexar ,samsung or sandisk ?

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