How To Use WhatsApp For Beginners | Android Tutorial

WhatsApp Tutorial For Beginners 2017 – How To Use Whatsapp On Android

Its Supreme Guru here back with another tutorial video for you all. This time around we are looking at a whatsapp tutorial for android. Whatsapp is a free Messager app that is use throughout the world.

In this Tutorial video you will see all the features of WhatsApp that every user needs to know about. Whatsapp can be very intrusive sometimes when it comes to privacy so please be sure to watch what this video so the it…


  1. Thank you so much. My grandson and his wife are stationed in Japan, and my daughter told me to go on WhatsApp so I can talk to him in Japan. I said what's that? She said look it up on the computer. Now I know what she was talking about. Thanks…

  2. Hi, Amerie: I have one question. Under Data and Storage Usage, for the settings "when using mobile data", why don't I have an option for "no media"?

    Thanks, Marjorie

  3. I saw your video for first time today, was great and you are wonderful person, how do I find more videos of yours ? Also saw someone asked how add and delete contacts and you said will make video on that was it yet produced I want to see it ? Thank you

  4. a woman is using my pgone number and locked me out the WhatsApp.I can't receive and send sms or call. Can she also go into my other privacy such as my Apps and emails, etc. She said Aldi gave her my number and said in Germany phone number is recycling if one no more use it. I was subscrubed with Aldi 2-3 years ago and stopped since i have WiFi. SIM card from Aldi left in my phone. The person has another Aldi SIM card but useing same phone number.
    kindly please help what must do to resecure and get my WhatsApp account back? Thanks!

  5. thanks, I was hoping to learn how to make a call within What'sApp. I've received calls but can't determine how to initiate a call to a new contact. Using iPhone 8 Plus.

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  7. How can I add my name under the profile pic.And how does the phone number comes under the pic to notify the senders.Please let me know.

  8. Thank you so much for teaching step by step info. Really appreciates from my heart.

  9. Most of what you are showing does not show up on settings. I'm using an iphone. So, probably have to see if the Apple store can even begin to help in setting this up.

  10. How do i message someone in a different country from me? Like i have a friend in the UK but idk how to message him even tho he has WhatsApp too???

  11. thank you very much for good tuition (tutorial) You have not used noise background music for that I am very happy. I followed your suggestion clearly. Thank you once again. I remain.

  12. Thank you so much… I am just getting started with what-app, and this is REALLY helpful…
    Now I am ready to get going – and I feel like I know what I'm doing.
    A very clear and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks again.

  13. Wow? tried to pay attention. Had to slow it down, and then felt sick……………….try anything else.

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