How to Use Whatsapp – 2020 Beginner's Guide

Want to learn how to use Whatsapp? In this video, I want to show you how to use Whatsapp and everything the app has to offer.
If you are new to WhatsApp or not sure if you are getting the most out of the app, this is the video for you.

WhatsApp is own by Facebook along with Instagram. It’s a messaging app similar to text messages on your phone. You can also make calls on the app and send and receive photos and videos.

Here is the video on using Whatsapp for…


  1. Great Video! I have two (likely stupid questions) 1) Can a message recipient view my contacts 2) Can a recipient view my phone number?

  2. whatsapp on my phone does not have icons at the bottom. all it has is my status and viewed updates

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  4. I'm trying to link my PC to WhatsApp and can't do it because I "don't have a proper wifi connection' which I do!

  5. Lets say I have a video or a photo and I send it through WhatsApp. Can I delete those files right away from my phone , without messing the file that I just sent to my friend on their end? Thanks.

  6. Nice video lessons and would love my account to be verified and registered even unblocked ASAP even now please ppease

  7. If you have had WHATSAPP for several years, thus the old version, how can you upgrade to new version? Will you lose all of the info from old app?

  8. Its really nice knowing you can go trough somany ads watch and read the one thats going to help yomake a defrence in your life and the ones you love

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