How To Use Voice Commands While Riding

How to use the 30K voice commands (or other Sena Bluetooth headset voice commands) while riding your motorcycle. Even use the voice dialer on your phone to change plans while riding.

*Mic placement is important to ensure Voice command accuracy*

How to use the Sena 30K:

Sena 30K:


  1. I have the 30k with the Latest Software 2.3.1 and the Voice command "What can I say" doesn't work. Also while ridding Sena doesn't hear my voice well. Same with using Google Voice commands. Although when I call someone from my helmet headset People tell me they can't even tell I am riding they hear no background noise. What is the DEAL?? Please help.
    Also there needs to be better voice commands. I can't ask for directions through SENA except if I pull up google and I am not moving.

  2. I cannot understand why they wouldn't include this information in each owner's manual. You make a new product and you make a new owners manual for it, yet you leave out any voice command Library..
    Annoying at best

  3. I have the Nexx X-com which is basically the Sena SMH10R rebranded, can I use "hey sena" with it? if not how can I get get "hey bixby/google" to work? I just want to occasionally ask it to play/change a song or maybe call someone or adjust volume. my phone is paired and I can listen to music if I manually put it on or answer calls if I push the button but I want to be all hands free.

  4. so how do u set up the "custom" voice commands? Sena SRL2… something as simple as answering a call seems impossible just using voice commands.

  5. @SENA How do you change voice commander from SENA to Siri? Or should I ask, how can we use 30k with Siri?

  6. Have you found that the 30K intermittently does not respond to the "Hello Sena" voice command? Some days mine works and some days it decides to completely ignore me. Started happening after the 1.0.2 firmware. Haven’t tried 1.0.3 yet.

  7. I would love to compare the 20s with the 30k. To bad it's out of my reach atm. Wish I knew it came out so quickly after I bought the 20 s haha

  8. I from Egypt and Bluetooth communication system like Sena doesn't commen I just want to ask can I while riding open my phone and choose any phone numbr and make a call from send or I must put them in fast dail?

  9. Really good videos, swayed me to get a sena instead of the scala rider. And yes the lady in the video is very cute !! 🤭😋😁

  10. The posts I've seen online show that the 30K still has the same problem that the 20S has, popping when you use the intercom and the music through Audio Multitasking. I can recreate the problem easily on my 20S set. It's the intercom that makes the popping noise. By myself, the music is perfect. With my passenger, the intercom pops like a popcorn machine. Get the helmets close, and the intercom pops, get some distance and it goes away. Search online for 'Sena 20S Popping' and you'll see the problem. It's real. I bought the 20S set for the Audio Multitasking. I've bought the 10 series, three sets of the 20S, and have the The SM10. I've worked through tech support and still have the same problem. They recommeded going to the 20S Evo, but it still shows up online with the same problem and now I'm seeing posts in forums with the 30K doing the same thing. Honestly, the 10S was the best I've ever had. If it wasn't for the idea of the Audio Multitasking, I'd go back to it. It picked up less wind noise in an open face helmet than the 20S does in my Shoei Neotech with the 20S. I think they're a good idea, and they work great for some folks, but when they don't work well, they are a royal pain and support isn't any help. Honestly, I'm ready to toss this $500 bucks away and move to something else but I really can't see going back to another Sena product based on this problem not being solved. Looks to me like you could roll pit a new firmware and fix it, but maybe not. I'm not looking to communicate with anyone but my rider and listen to music. It shouldn't be that difficult, should it? Good luck with this version, maybe it can lead you to the next one…

  11. Will wait for the one with integrated camera… or a smart helmet with everything… how are these coming along?

  12. Step 1. Say Hello Sena
    Step 2. Say Hello seeeena
    Step 3. Say Hello [pause] Sena
    Step 4. Scream 1 – 3 repeat……

  13. I assume this doesn't work with the 10S and after a recent update mine completely fails to recognise my voice. I have even tried changing people's entries on the iPhone to make them obviously different to anyone else, but the headset tries to call almost anyone BUT the number I'm trying.

  14. 20s owner with frequent gripes
    1. Boots up 20s, puts on helmet and says 'Hello sen-na'
    20s: No response
    2. 'Hello see-na'
    20s: No response
    3. Repeat above a few times…
    20s: 'say your comment….'

    Question: will the always listening be available for 20s? As while it's idle, it stops listening after a while and we have to manually push a button to activate the voice commands

  15. will any of the new software upgrades be rolled back to the older devices? nice bonneville btw! ride safe dudedette!

  16. Step 1. Say Hello Sena
    Step 2. Say Hello seeeena
    Step 3. Say Hello [pause] Sena
    Step 4. Scream 1 – 3
    Step 5. Double tap unit.

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