How to use TWRP! (Android)

How to use the latest version ( of TWRP! Complete walk-through of Team Win Recovery Project’s custom recovery for Android.

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  1. I got my phone stolen and then got it back.. I saw this app on it.
    Anyone know why?

  2. Hi, I bought a Samsung Galaxy note 2 at a yard sale but it has a PIN code that they couldn't remember. When I went to do a hard reset I found it has TWRP, what do I need to do to get it back to stock without the PIN code being needed? Thanks

  3. Great video! I'm about to put Resurrection Remix on my phone and one tutorial said I could install the ROM (without checking reboot), then the Gapps, then wipe the stock ROM and reboot – any thoughts? I would prefer this method so that if the custom ROM doesn't want to install then I can leave the phone unchanged.

  4. Hello, great video ! I have a few questions: 1) I was told in order to use TWRP, phone must be rooted first, how do I get my phone rooted? 2) How to get this TWRP to my computer because at DOS, screen says does not recognize the command prompt (something like that)…3) How to use TWRP to backup the ole android 6.0 ( Nexus 5-Hammerhead) before I install the FirstEver Android 8.0 or 9.0 ? Million Thanks…& Happy July 4th holidays

  5. How i can boot back to my normal android ? My tablet samsung tab 3 stuck on this mode . Please Help !!!!!!

  6. Question…

    I was able to flash this onto my bootloop Samsung Galaxy S3.

    If I create a backup to restore from, would it boot loop again?

    Is there a way to get the memos out of my phone from just mount as the phone is in bootloop?

  7. I installed twr recovery, but when my phone are ready to update, and then reboot,the twr recovery appear when it is booting but everything is in Chinese T T, (my phone is Red Mi PRO), what could do?

  8. My phone crashes in the middle and restarts during backing up the data …What should I do??

  9. Even phone has four states of consiouness: normal, safe mode, bootloader, recovery. People has unlimited possibilities like drugs (LSD, marijuana) and sounds (I-Doser).

  10. what if I have backed up the ROM in SD card and I wipe the internal storage also. Will there be any problem with the phone if I wipe the internal storage.?

  11. i had wipe my internal storage 🙁 and the phone can't load any rom now. can i fix it

  12. so please help me my phone only show gogle when i turn it on noting else and stay only at google

  13. what if I want to uninstall it my phone is stuck on this page how do I uninstall twrp from there

  14. Thanks so much, your knowledge & detailed instructions were very helpful, you answered the question I had, plus I learned extra tips. I appreciate the clarity of the video, your voice is clear and consistent, you never know what your getting on youtube. LOL I formerly used CWM on my rooted Droid X 5+yrs ago so I wanted to make sure I understood Twrp completely and you most def nailed it.
    Thanks again!

  15. what do i need to wipe when i have a bootloop but i don't want to delete my applications

  16. Every time i start my xiami mi note i got this TWRP coming on screen, but how can i get back my android screen? Cant figure that out.

  17. hi
    i have flash a s7 edge rom on my note3 tmobile, but eventually i cant access my internal storage it always says 128mb while i had 32gb of storage…
    is it because of a mount thing i TWRP???

  18. I have a Galaxy note and i have partitioned the internal storage using twrp can you please tell me how to reverse it

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