How to use the Outlander PHEV Multi-Media Communications System – Sat Nav, Radio, Phone & more

Introducing The world’s first 4×4 plug-in hybrid SUV, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

This short film looks at the Multi-Media Communication System or MMCS, which is displayed via a high resolution screen on the dashboard. This sytem controls a number of functions in the car, including Bluetooth, phone connections, digital radio, Sat Nav and CD playback. Using the Navigation system is simple – just input your destination into the control panel and you will…


  1. Had reports this PHEV is very low mpg in the hybrid mode, somewhere near 23 mpg. That is very low. Anyone with this vehicle could you please post MPG experience? Thanks

  2. anyone else have trouble with the usb connection when connecting their iphone? For me the connection keeps cutting out and music stops playing after 10 seconds or so. In addition, if I connect via the bluetooth display it doesn't show the minutes of the song? I have a 2016 4H.

  3. Imagine that my mom goes shopping and she takes the keys with her and I want to stay at car and turn on the MMCS to listen to music and stuff???

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