How to Use the iPhone X for Beginners

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  1. O K If anyone out there can help a grandfather (me) out, Please do! I have never owned a smartphone, have had a flip phone for 19 years ! and I also use a pocket – portable hot-spot wi-fi device to gain internet access with my laptop. HERE's the question: I was told by one salesperson last week that if I get the iPhone X it can replace my pocket wi-fi device, in other words, it will give me the same access to the net with my laptop / I will be able to use the iPhone X as the wi-fi hot spot device for my laptop. I want to make sure that this true ! – Does anyone reading this know?. I've been trying to find out from Apple , and from my phone / wifi service provider – Sprint, for 3 days now, and can't get any tech on the phone or even for online chat to answer this one question! Bless you if you can / will help me ! Whew!

  2. To use the flashlight when you slide down from the top middle, you have to press and hold the flashlight for 3 seconds in order for it to come on.

  3. Just got one and can’t figure out how it works. I miss the days when there were manuals

  4. OMG…thank you! I feel so old. I could not figure out how to get out of an app….ugh! This video saved me!!!

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  6. Me: Doesn’t have iPhone X or later
    Also me: Knows how to use iPhone X
    Still me: watches this video
    Edit: Just got an iPhone XR 😁

  7. After using a Samsung Android phone for many years It was recommended by friends and family that I switch to the Apple iPhone X. It has been difficult to figure out and not as user friendly for me. I'll probably be returning it.

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  10. Hayyyy.. Babalik ako dito pag may iPhone X na ako… 😍🥺 Sana next year hehehehe

  11. When you just got one and you cant figure out how to close tabs 💀

  12. Ugh… I’ve always had the opportunity to upgrade. I been avoiding this having to buy this fucking phone. I’ve had my iPhone 8 for quite so time now and I loved it… it broke yesterday. Verizon pressured me surely into trading it in for something new and “better”. I have the iPhone 11 max and lord or Lordy 🤦🏽‍♀️ This video was made for me because I already do not know what the hell I’m doing. Thank you! 😂

  13. Had my note 9 for a year and it's still in perfect condition. I switched from verizon to sprint/tmobile only for them to say my particular note 9 isn't compatible with their system. My wife's note 8 is but my note 9 isn't. So my daughter just got the iPhone 11 and now I'll be using her iphone x. I hate it! I've been using android devices since the droid was first launched back in 08 or something.
    TLDR: iphone sux. Sprint sux. I'm screwed.

  14. Just bought a shattered one of letgo for $60 and it only will cost like $120 to repair so it’s a deal. I just can’t figure out how to work it!

  15. Who’s watching this because your getting an iPhone X or an 11 (I’m getting an iPhone 11 and I currently have the 6s)

  16. Lol, I need my flashlight to work. How do you get it to come on?
    I just swipe up to delete my apps.

  17. To close running apps you can just swipe up after holding the screen, don’t have to click the minus that’s long

  18. U missed out so much stuff. How do you screenshot, how do you turn off the phone, how do you do a hard reset?

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