How to use the Gaia GPS Navigation App (Basics)

In this tutorial we walk you through the basics of the Gaia GPS navigation app and help you prepare for your next adventure.

Post requests below for more detailed feature walk-throughs.

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  1. This is a great video for first time Gaia users. It does not assume you know nothing about computers/iOS devices and is very professionally done. You don't feel like you are wasting 10 min to get the 5 minutes of useful information.

  2. I play on using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with an SD card for expanded memory. Will Gaia maps load onto internal memory only or SD card only or can both be used? Thanks

  3. I would like clear satellite imagery for Gaia. ? I’ve used motionx it is so clear compared to google earth on Gaia? Thank you for awesome videos

  4. Can i load 2 previous tracks on main map and then track a route with these as reference?

  5. Just downloaded Gaia. I am only using free version as of now. Right now, it is only giving me hiking trips, and I want to look for off road places in our area. How do I do that?

  6. couple of questions someone might know answers too: 1) when i go to ma sources on my iphone 8, i don't see the edit button ( it's not there on my version and i have paid for subscription). 2 ) i primarily use the app for ski touring ( bc canada) and i often save my tracks. But once i hit save the track disappears from the main map, it then appears later on, like the next day but sometimes sooner, i'm wondering if that is a bug?

  7. Nice tutorial – you mentioned doing a tutorial about uploading maps — like the mapbox streets hd. Can you share the link to that?

  8. Awesome video!! I understand a lot of these features are for US maps/routes. does much of the premium content transfer to UK roads and routes? Off road/overland/private property etc? Thanks.

  9. How do you add more than 5 visible layers? I tried adding the layers you mentioned, but The app won’t let me add more than 5 visible layers.

  10. This was fantastic. I've been successfully using Gaia to travel cross country for over a year now and you have things here that I didn't know about. Outstanding! Thanks.

  11. Thank you for this very informational video. I’ve just started using Gaia and I intend on upgrading to the premium thanks to your coupon. Adventure on👍🚙⛰🏜🏔

  12. My Gaia gps app no longer wants to come up. Paid for year service and only been 6 months. Crashes before it comes up.

  13. Nice tutorial. Purchased the 5 year plan. Love the maps. Lots to learn and play with.

  14. I'm interested in using gaia boating- sailing, cruising & off shore fishing. I understand that the NOAA maps can be downloaded. But will the gaia app do nautical routing?

  15. First, thanks for introducing me to gaia over 1 year ago. I love the maps . Prior to switching to gaia, I used other tablet maps, and they were not even close. My backup system has always been a garmin. I can just turn it on, and at the end of the day I will have a track. I can download it to my laptop, and then archive it. Now that I am converted to gaia, I need to download all my maps (in gpx format) into my tablet . What is the process to download a gpx track onto my tablet so I can use it for future navigation? Thanks!

  16. I own a Garmin Oregon 650t. Can the routes be downloaded to it? Will the GPS follow the routes?

  17. I don’t know if it is because this video is older, but it wont let me adjust the strength of my layers. Any idea why?

  18. I literally can not do any of the things this guy is doing. Need a better step by step video.

  19. If English is a second language to you, adjust the playback speed. Btw, thanks for the link to the discount. I subscribed.

  20. i've got an android tablet and u lost me at the getgo,but u say they are about the same?

  21. Struggling here….purchased the 5year but for some reason I cannot see maps on the PC….thoughts?

  22. Hi! I would like to go Premium with this app. But I would like to ask how good europe is covered. Since i live in Italy and do some off road the gaia topo basic is for me not enough! Thanks Luca

  23. Looking up ATV trails but only getting hiking trails. How do I specifically look up ATV trails in my area. Great video by the way thank you for posting

  24. Fantastic! Very much looking forward to buying this and making my first trip for myself and friends!

  25. Meanwhile, im over here trying to figure out how I get rid of places Ive searched for on the map. It shows like a waypoint but no way to get rid of it and every time I search for a place it saves it this way

  26. I am messing around with this. I went to (with my iphone 6) and sometimes they have a gpx file for the locations. I was able to click on the file and it asked me which app to open the file in and I said "Gaia GPS" and then one or two seconds later it says "all imports complete" and then there is was on the map! So damn easy!

  27. Just got the premium subscription. I tried the free version before but didn’t like it. I don’t know that I would have given it a second chance without this video. Thank you very much for the basics and for the lower initial cost. You guys are awesome!

  28. I just downloaded the free version onto my tablet and as before their mapping of our DNR land here on the Olympic Peninsula is severely lacking almost nonexistent and sometimes just wrong. Takes my confidence away when they can not get my back yard right. That said they are not the only ones that struggle with Washingtons DNR lands. I think its DNR that is the cause of this but there is one app out there that has nailed to a tee, so it is possible So if you are watching these comments Gaia…..

  29. Excellent tutorial! I have been playing around with the free version of the app for a few days now and just joined through your discount code – thanks!

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