How to Use the Fitbit Versa (Lite) for Beginners

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In this video we walk you through how to use the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Lite. From how to navigate the screen to downloading apps. Learn the basics of using the Fitbit Versa here!

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  1. My versa lite keeps changing the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit when I synch it or when I charge it. How do I stop it from doing this? I change it back to C but it continues to go back.

  2. Is there a way to reset ONLY the steps on my Fitbit Versa Lite so I can begin at zero when I leave for a walk?

  3. Thx for the Video, I get my Versa Lite in my birthday and this really help me because i know what to do next, thx you

  4. hey, I am having trouble with my fitbit watch…it has the symbol with a blue line on the side…what does that mean as i am trying to see the clock time

  5. My phone does not have the FitBit icon on the face so I am not able to do any of the things shown after touching FitBit icon.

  6. I dont see blue tooth on my fitbit versa lite. There's no blue tooth on setting

  7. I got one yesterday! Think i’m allowed it to school? (I turned notifications off and didn’t download any apps)

  8. Very helpful. So most of the action happens from the app. Thanks for the info!

  9. If my bluetooth is connected to my fitbit will I still be able to connect to other bluetooth devices such as my car stereo?

  10. Omg I was getting ready to throw my fitbit away not understanding the watch. Thank you millions from a 60 year old who just learning.

  11. why is my fitbit showing more steps than i walk ? When i walk 4-5 steps it doubles that wtf? And the calories burnt is not right either wtf is this cam for 2k

  12. For VERSA LITE USERS the video dose not show this and i seen a lot wondering on how to access what he is showing you when it is different on your cell app.
    those looking for how to change your setting using the VERSA LITE, I found out how to do it.
    1. go to your account settings (pic in left hand corner on the app.) 2. under devices you will see a versa lite. click on it 3. you will see "clock faces/ apps/ how to use/ accessories" 4. pick the one you want and continue.
    I wanted to change the "weather app." from F to C and was able to do it here by tapping apps then under "my apps" finding the "weather app." . good luck with your device.

  13. My app looks different. I have the versa lite. I can't follow along to change settings. Ugh! It doesn't show the picture of my watch on the top.

  14. I’m getting it on the 16th of January it’s 14th now I’m so excited for my fitbit

  15. This video is great for starting off straight from the box.
    Wish someone would explain updates. My watch & phone have been hijacked for 3 hours while the stupid update is downloading. It won't let me bail out.

  16. This is great, thank you! I am wondering why I'm not getting notifications of text messages…I have chosen my text messenger in the app, but still not coming in. Thank you!

  17. I love that you can have notifications from any app! I'm getting a Versa Lite (in white, like yours!) tomorrow! I'm really exited!

  18. I have friend that got a fitbit Versa Lite for Christmas. She is an elderly lady who doesn't have any computer knowledge. She has a flip phone. She wants to see if she is real active when she sleeps. Does she need a smart phone or a computer in order to see this?

  19. Do u have to have a phone or can u do the things on iPad I’m thinking about buying a versa lite and I have a iPad but I don’t know if it will work with the iPad (if I can check the stuff on the iPad) please tell me if u know

  20. Just got my fit bit versa light version yesterday and it keeps asking me to pair it to my phone my app and I it's been paired it doesn't keep track of my steps properly I can't switch the I had from walking to M swimming I went to the gym got in the pool swam 10 laps and I don't think it's recorded anything it's not responding when I try to switch screens on the watch!! I don't know if it's defective or it's just not set up properly where do I go for help

  21. The fitbit versa and fitbit versa lite have different options in the app. There is no clock icon on the 'lite' app. It's a bit more complicated to change the clock face and most of the options are not compatible with the lite version. Also, you have to be careful when selecting a clock face as many of them incur charges. You have to look for the free clock faces and then go through them to see if they're compatible. I'm very disappointed in the fitbit versa lite so returning mine.

  22. I don't have that option. Theres no symbol in my app for me to click on to customize my clock face.

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