Telegram is a new messaging app that is comparable to Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.
It’s a cloud based messaging app where you can chat and make calls for free.

In this video, I want to show you how to set up Telegram messenger from scratch.

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  2. Why do all these messaging apps need a phone number when it is all done over internet

  3. What's the difference between normal chat and secret chat?

    Can it make calls over the internet?

  4. Telegram Messenger LLP protects child sex offenders. Telegram is a colleague of those who torture children. Telegram has watched many crimes against young girls. Telegram destroys children's lives 'in the shadows'. child sexual exploitation cannot be freedom of guaranteed.

    People all over the world have to fight. About sexual violence against children. About Telegram Messenger LLP.

    Please come out for girls who receive sexual torture.

  5. Thanks a lot for this awesome content on telegram app, it helps me a lot
    for getting started with telegram app. Keep it on your mode of explanation
    is so understandable.I love it.

  6. What software are you using to record your mobile phone that shows in this video?

  7. really appreciate your help! love you keep it short & to thew point without rushing… just sayin'

  8. Dude. I just need a video to tell why I need this over sms texting.
    Certain departments at work are like, "Are you on telegram ?" and I'm like
    (for the hundredth time) No… Not yet. (wtf ? )
    What is so good about it ?

  9. @Howfinity how do i create a chat where i can upload messages and links for informational purposes but i dont want anyone commenting in my chat? How do i set that up?

  10. i cannot get a code, they said they will give me a code so i can continue with the set up but they are not sending me though

  11. I LOVED this video. Thank you so much. Is there a way you can make it with Spanish subtitles? I have some clients that would love this! I know the app can be changed into Spanish as well so if you could do a complete Spanish tutorial it would be even better!

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