How to Use Root Apps on Un-Rooted Android Phone [SUPERUSER]

Check out my blog-post to find all useful information :

The application we’re using Virtual Master is a Chinese application that allows you to create a second virtual phone completely inside your original phone. However, this virtual phone is automatically rooted.
In this sense, this system can be used as a virtual phone to run applications requiring root permissions. With this method, you maintain your original phone safe and guaranteed.

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  1. Yeah maybe you should've added how to change LANGUAGE smart guy but other than it worked thank you…

  2. Hey 😁 Please how did you installed Playstore in virtual master please ? 😎

  3. Check out my blog-post to find all useful information :
    It will take you to an article, scroll til the end of it and you'll find two links to download the applications.

    If you want me to explain anything or do a video about something you want, leave it in the comment and I'll more than happy to read it.

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