How to Use Major Navigation System Features on 2018 Honda Accord

Having an onboard navigation system makes for great confidence when driving to new places. Use your Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System to find new destinations, get turn-by-turn directions and even show you the way back home by just saying, “Go home!” View this video to see how easy it is in the 2018 Honda Accord. Learn more at

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  1. In response to this video from US Honda and the first comment below, I want to point out a major flaw in this Navigation System. The fact that the Navigation Voice CANNOT be muted (as described in User Manual) ! Please see my description video here:
    Note: Multiple complaints have been communicated to US Honda (via ticket system), as indicated by several users on Honda forums. Complaints have been generated as far back as Dec 2017, and yet still no attempt to resolve issue. Incredibly disappointed in US Honda for dis-regarding something so simple to fix.

  2. How do I turn down or mute the navigation voice? It does NOT WORK the way the manual says it should. Please Help!

  3. Is there any way to display the MILES or Kilometers to Destination? It would be helpful to know the miles, not just the time, to destination.

  4. Pretty well done. See, I'm from Spain & I'm very interested in a new car. I would like to know If the Accord or the Civic are there, they are? I love this car, Is very well done!

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