How To Use Lucky Patcher 2020? Hack In App Purchase & Remove Ads (Non Root/Root)

Learn to use Lucky Patcher App to In App Purchases and completely disable all kinds of Ads from Android. Get Free Gems, Coins, and pretty much any In App Purchases absolutely for free.

This Video is just for tutorial purpose only. If you are about to buy some special feature on an app through in app purchases then you can use lucky patcher to take a test drive or trial to see if it is really worth it and then proceed with the actual purchase

Download Lucky Patcher:…


  1. Hey after I do the install and uninstall step, Am I suppose to re-install it by myself or it will do run by itself? I did the step twice but nothing happened.

  2. Hey good job man, i got the process but i tried to hack in app purchase of HOPELESS LAND but after that the game refused to launch….make a video of hacking HOPELESS LAND or reply with procedure.

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  4. So no one's gon talk about how he put 2020 in the title but he posted this in 2018?🤥🤨

  5. Bro you are talking so fast .we can't understand what you are going to say .so please talk little bit slower and little bit louder

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