How to use Instagram on your Android device

This video shows you how to use Instagram on your Android device. The Instagram app for Android looks deceptively simple, but it actually has a lot of wonderful features underneath its simple looks.

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  1. Hi, Android Authority 🙂 I have a Samsung Galaxy J3. I don't see the icons on Instagram that you have on your phone. The icon you have for your inbox is a folded-up airplane or some type of boomerang arrow that points diagonally to the right. It does not lead to an inbox. I also do not know how to write posts. Is there a way to find out how to use Instagram on Samsung Galaxy J3 and tell us? I contacted Instagram on Twitter and explained my predicament, but they aren't answering me.

  2. What I am trying to look for is how to get Instagram on Samsung :/
    I am getting an Iphone in a month or so but how do I get Instagram on Samsung anyone? D:

  3. awesome video. .as an instagram beginner this video was everything I needed. .all the basics explained very thoroughly. ..went from an instagram novice to a pro user after watching this video. .thanks a million. .merry Xmas! #

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