How to Use Instagram (2020 Beginner's Guide)

New to Instagram? Not sure if you are getting the most out of the app? This video will walk you through using Instagram, step by step.

If you want to turn your profile into a business, check out this free training. Simply put your email in and get access to the video.

We will start with a new app download, new profile, exploring Instagram, following new people and posting your first photo or video.

Instagram is broken up to 4 different parts and…


  1. I appreciate your teaching style – you are easy to learn from. This has been so helpful!

  2. what is a channal buddy. doesn't sound as if you know what a beginner is. bye

  3. Thing problem that even our iPhones are now the most important object to us, have to watch how much if you are
    a celebrity just average-Joe that you if you are average Joe & get quite a few followers on Is account what &
    how much are you going to share with whom knows are following you on Is?

  4. my daughter keeps asking me to hash tag… thought this would be explained in the video… what is it?

  5. Great video. People who have just started to use Instagram can easily follow up.

  6. Hey I’m gonna use Instagram for my paintings. I will post my paintings on ig and I will make some bucks and make custom paintings for people. I will sell them from 50-500$ depending on size, canvas color, and the colors that will be needed to create it. I do the Acrylic Pour Technique. Painting is really fun and it keeps you busy. And it’s a way to make your own business and actually be financially Successful. Just some tips from an upcoming Famous person.

    P.S. I’m a teenager

  7. You speak rapid fire only a person who knows how to do Instagram already could follow all that

  8. Instagram has removed the IGTV button that was sitting in the upper corner of the app (as of Jan 21, 2020) . Might want to update your tutorial (which is very helpful) to remove references to IGTV.

  9. Thank you so much! I didn’t install it but I saw how do people use it, it is really helpful!

  10. I was considering opening an accountant until i found out it was owned by FB. stopped watching @ the 2:23 mark

  11. How do people get the like “Photographer” or “Model” “Artist” thing on their page that look like gray in their bio.

  12. Is it me or is the Live part of IG now available through a regular PC? When did that happen??

  13. Can you please post how to use Pinterest for beginners. Expecting your video eagerly.

  14. Thank You for the YouTube Video " How to Use Instagram (2020 Beginner's Guide)". It is a great place to get started on Instagram. since I just opened my first account. The video answered my questions about how to make a Photo and Video Post and also add comments and stories.

  15. Thank you so much I only have 1200 followers and don't even know how I got them BUT I will watch ALL your videos now. Appreciate you!

  16. Do you have a video on (if its possible) how to download a "live" on instagram?? I have seen footage on ig from the very live chat I was in but dont know how these people got it. I have an android and dont know if I need another program to download a live to my phone. Thank you

  17. I’m in Insta jail (probably 10 days now) with no explanation why. They said it would unlock several days ago and didn’t. Any clues or suggestions? Thanks a bunch.

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