How to use Insignia Roku TV

Learn more about the Insignia Roku TV:

See what happens when you combine one of the world’s best-selling TV brands with the latest in streaming technology. It’s the simplest way to stream entertainment on to your TV. Browse through 1,500+ streaming channels – the widest selection of any smart TV all from one place.

With more than 250,000 movies and shows to choose from, Roku TV makes it easy for you allowing you to search by director, actor, or title….


  1. Help me my tv brightness is like 1 and idk how it just randomly happened idk if it’s using it too much but I have been using it every day for about 12 hours bc of corona

  2. Ok but how the damn do I connect the remote to the tv

  3. This is the worst TV ever keep your money spend it on something else, stupid thing cant tell time, displays what WAS on not what IS on, has no buttons so don't lose the remote, and if you select "Factory Reset" hoping to fix the idiotic time keeping problem……..You'll never get the thing to work again.

  4. I bought Insignia smart TV 2.5 years ago, now my TV did not go to HOME screen after turn ON. Any suggestion???

  5. The media player is terrible. It doesn't recognize any of the files I have on a USB Hard Drive.. No way to download VLC or other media player…. Volume control is not good either.

  6. Piece of shit tv literally have had it for 6 months only to play video games on, little to no volume is typically played through the speakers, yet they just fucking broke

  7. How to use it?
    Step 1: don't buy it
    Step 2: if you buy it, take it out of box
    Step 3: throw it away

  8. how do you delete it off the tv and every app made on it i will not use this tv on line I do not trust it I read they have secret web cams in the to spy on us insignia 39 1080p 60hz led roku smart tv (ns-39dr510ca17)

  9. This tv sucks, because whenever I turn it on it won’t show anything it’s just a black screen and I can’t even use my direct tv either cause of it and I can’t even go home

  10. Way too complicated if you just want to watch free broadcast digital TV using an antenna. I just need up and down buttons for channel and volume.

  11. Why didn't they put buttons on the fucking tv what happens if your remote breaks you can't turn it off or on.

  12. I just got this Tv.
    It was a bit intimidating at 1st.
    I really had to get use to the Remote.
    I Never seen one so Cut and dry before.
    But I am Learning Daily.
    Thanks for this Info.

  13. How do I get my rocu tv to automatically connect my rocu to cable box I always have to use remote my living room tv goes right on with my cablebox

  14. no signal its saying. im not impressed or happy with how hard it is to hook up my insignia tv. what happen to plug and play? and how the hell do i turn the channels with no channel buttons? i will pay someone to take this dumb thing out of my house! grrrr

  15. How do u change the damn channel because I can't change the channel using my remote or tv

  16. I'm not able to switch to the in rca (red, white, yellow) input. Cables are plugged in, but the television isn't giving me the option to switch to it. The device plugged into the rca port doesn't seem to be recognized by the tv.

  17. What about adding channels manually?! Roku TV is stupid because it assumes you never have to rotate or move your antenna for best channel reception.

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