How to Use HackerRank's CodePair Tool [Tutorial]

CodePair is a live and collaborative code editor to conduct remote technical interviews. Engineering managers can maximize time by watching candidates solve coding challenges live…from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to ineffective phone screenings!


  1. I've tried HackerRank. At this point, I have 550 Hackos and a gold problem solving badge. So, yeah, I've taken some challenges and tackled some problems. As a software engineer with over fifteen years experience who has also hired developers, I can say HackerRank is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to the evaluation process since technical interviews. Sure, the problems will give some insight into a developer's overall intelligence and whether the developer can think outside the box, but those problems reveal almost nothing about the developer's programming ability. Truth is one of the worst engineers I know aces the problems whereas one of the best sucks at them. Since trying HackerRank as a developer, I've come to the conclusion that anyone who uses HackerRank to evaluate talent has no clue how to truly do so.

    It's little wonder so many companies have been burned by bad developers.

  2. This video basically describes what is wrong with today's tech interviews.

  3. Lazy way of recruiting, much like IQ tests. Better to give a larger task to complete, like writing a program, then they can evaluate the code and discuss it with the candidate. Not everyone is good at these kind of tests either.

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