How To: Use gesture controls with the Sony MDR-1000X headphones

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The Sony MDR-1000X headphones combine industry-leading noise cancelling technology with intuitive controls that allow you to tailor the sound to your environment. In the above video we show you how easy it is to get used to the gesture controls and quickly hear the sounds around you using the Quick Attention mode.

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  1. absolute crap, touch control who came up with that should be shot

  2. Please let us adjust volume with swipes when using the headphone cable to connect to a PC or another device.

  3. The assistant is the only thing that makes me not like my headphones in the next update enable consumers to turn off touch controls. Its a huge hindrance on my personal enjoyment of your product

  4. What's the difference between normal and voice ambient sound?

  5. Please let us disable Touch Controls. It's really annoying when you try to adjust the position of the headphones, but accidentally skip forward on a podcast.

  6. Very annoying when wearing a hud over headphones, a simple touch disable would have been great

  7. Anyone having problems playing music with the Gesture in youtube? Playing etc work just not when passed then nothing works

  8. But how do I turn off the touch control?! I'm using the headset with with a computer, these magic touch buttons are just an annoyance since it's virtually impossible to take off our headset or adjust them without accidentally activating them.

  9. I bought an Experia XZ2 with the free headset deal. Was informed by Sony that my application for the headset was approved. After more than 2,5 month still no headset! Two weeks ago they promised to ship it to me. 2 weeks later still no headset. After enquiry I was told that Sony finally decided not to ship the "free" headset. No more Sony promotions for me!!! As for the headset, for a few bucks I bought a wireless headset almost the same quality at the local shop.

  10. How to mute the mic during phone call? About to return this to the store if this cannot be done

  11. Hello, I bought this headphones and I am having a problem. I like to have walks under the rain and I use a hoodie not to wet them, but the hoodie keeps pressing the buttons and changing the songs, pausing them. Is there any way to turn off the control gestures?

  12. i just dare you to delete this comment. connect app has 2,2 stars on ios market. the app is not usable. @customers: consider it before buying

  13. Best headphones ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just picked these up for £229 on Amazon and can honestly say I am way impressed beyond what I expected from these headphones. I came from having the Bose QuietComfort 25 (wired version) with noise cancelling and although I enjoyed them, I wasn't overly impressed with the bass. I decided that wired headphones weren't for me as I travel a lot and I really value portability so I took the dive for some bluetooth head cans. These are not only of richer sound quality compared to the QC25 (haven't tried the QC35), the gesture controls are excellent. I've found them really responsive and I first thought they might just be a bit of a gimmick that I'd never use but I actually exclusively use them for controlling my audio!

    In summary: sound is rich, design is gorgeous and elegant (i have the beige), gesture controls are really intuitive and simple, and the noise cancelling features are by far the most advanced on the market right now.

    Verdict: If you're shopping for bluetooth headphones in this price bracket, definitely pick these up over the QC35.

  15. are the MDR-1000X still available to purchase I can't seem to get them online on the website

  16. Sound wise they're great, too bad that my touch controls never worked properly and its plastic is quite flimsy.

  17. I just got me a pair of MDR-1000X:s and noticed that the play/stop feature is troublesome when listening to Spotify from my MacBook Pro. Otherwise it seems to work.

  18. Honestly, some of the coolest headphones I have ever seen, great sound, and very futuristic features.

  19. if i press the nc/ambient button it goes to ambient sound, what if i want to set it to ambient sound voice?

  20. Sensitivity of volume rocker is very low. I have to swipe up atleast 5 times if i want a slight increase in volume.
    Too annoying. Fix this if you are reading this.

  21. I wish there was a way to turn the gestures on/off, while I'm in the gym it's annoying as hell. Otherwise great headphones

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