How to use EndNote in six minutes: Windows

Captions: English, Spanish
This video offers a swift overview of the most popular features in EndNote for Windows.

• For academics, individuals, and students:
• For Corporation:


  1. that all seems so overly complicated and not intuitive. I just wanna make 2 references, not a hundred. thanks anyways, you tried to teach me.

  2. I've had to buy this thing for Uni, but when I 'search' for my Uni, it's not there?! You say there are thousands…. there are 431.

  3. I don't know which library to choose, I'm not going to cite anything related to medicine but still should I choose Pubmed?

  4. I want Endnote cite while write should be user-friendly(easy with minimum clicks) with Google doc.
    I will buy then.

  5. I had to download it for class but it wants a password and username and my instructor never gave us one so now I don't know what to do.

  6. Was planning to buy, but 1 min into this video, I am out!!! I dont even have hard drive. Its almost 2020 and this is not working on clouds!!!???

  7. Hi. Great training. How can i add documents saved on my pc to my endote library? I am using word.

  8. How can I import an PDF, word or powerpoint from my desktop or other files in my computer to Endnote by using myendnoteweb web site? It is not possible ?

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