UPDATE: I am now using the below Bluetooth Adapter for coding. Same functionality as the Vgate, just a different name.

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  1. Do you have to pay for the bimmer code app? or is there and charges for subscribing to the bimmer code app?

  2. If i have a stage 2 , can this interfere with the coding ? I want to only change the video while driving and LED brightness for headlights .

  3. Nav stopped working after going from Harmon Kardon to B&O. Says to use USB with code to access. Ideas on how to fix?

  4. Can you use Bimmercode to program a new module to your car ? I need to replace the REM and it's probably going to need programming.

  5. Hi mate thanks for all the vids really helpful. I have now tried the Vgate pro and now another adapter both not working. I can’t connect via blue tooth. Any ideas on how to fix this.

  6. Anyone else flash the M Permormance logo in the instrument panel and now can't figure out to set the date and time after it reset?

  7. Hello, does anybody knows if it works on a BMW X2 2019? I'm based in MEX, only works for United States BMW or other countries? Thanks

  8. I almost ordered the Vgate bluetooth OBD only to read some info that it will not work with Android bimmercode for e90 2009. Is it true?

  9. Hi love the channel thanks. I have the Vgate which you recommended. I tried for one hour to try and connect it to my phones Bluetooth. Plugged in the port have the red light but can’t detect it. I then tried my wife’s phone same happens there. Am I missing something or do you think it maybe faulty.

  10. Hey John, I am trying to figure out how to stop the flickering footwell and dome lights when i start up my 2011 328xi. I changed them with LED bulbs but in your videos I haven't seen interior lighting codes in the Front Electronic Module. Would you be able to help me out with that?

  11. Awesome videos.
    Is it possible to make the auto off function on the head unit go away. If I am in drive in bio it drives me nuts. 10 minutes of music before it shut down.
    Regards from Denmark

  12. What about carista adapter?any good? Amazon seems to have great reviews for it and it includes app thats 1 month free trail..anyone used carista?

  13. wen i need to off AC if i start the engine ineedt manually (what functions i bummer cod i Choices )

  14. Great video, just what I was looking for. If you are familiar with F series MINI Cooper cars. I am re-searching if bimmercode app will allow my car to set automatic transmission to sport auto as you showed in the video.

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