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AT&T’s new and improved app transfers all of your contacts, media, messages, phone logs, and documents from your old phone to your new phone using Wi-Fi. You can choose to transfer information by last 3 months, 6 months or 1 year without deleting your content from your old phone. New shortcode is 6565.


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  1. 209 348 6607 drop me a text if anyone want at&t their are lots of promotional offers going on where you can just save up to a lot of money. I would be happy in helping all of you. 😊😊❤️

  2. Thanks to iclou_dking on 1nstagram who got my device unlocked successfully

  3. yo, this is ridiculously helpful, a lot better than being on with a representative for 45 minutes for nothing….. thanks!

  4. Hey, anyone watching this video only did so after they download the app and are now having trouble with it. Much of this video and the otheres made by AT&T for the mobile transfer are more like ads then help full.

  5. they took into no consideration that people get new phones because the LED digitizer is bleeding after the phone's been cracked. Can't scan a QR code with a half black screen.

  6. I have Samsung s7 .and I want to transfer files to the my friend .when I open xender and click on send than I face error . it's happen all at&t mobile

  7. How do you know which phone should have the SIM card and SD card, the new phone or old phone? Music and photos are typically on the SD card, so what is the app transferring?

  8. the app constantly crashes on my old phonethe phone is iphone 4  7.1.2 ios if I remember

  9. To transfer data between phone and phone, a mobile data transfer app could help try Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.

  10. my sim card from my old phone is to big to fit in the new phone so I can't even do it

  11. just wont work. It says it transferred my contacts and messages over but i dont see any what so ever

  12. I upgraded to a new iPhone, which involved "Activating" the new phone w/my same number; but of course, that then "deactivated" my old phone .. now I cannot text out of it. What do I do?

  13. I used it today and it transferred all of my files including text messages. It dropped the connection, but 99% of my files were transferred by then. The new phone needs to be activated before transferring data from the old phone.

  14. Well if you changed carriers like half the people who use this app these instructions are worthless because you cant text 6565 from your old phone with no service.

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