How To: Use Android Smartphones for Beginners

This is a video showing basics about Android and how to use it.


  1. This tutorial is very informative I recommended anyone that has an Android it says it would be great to watch

  2. I'm just bored so like yeah even though I already know how to use a phone

  3. I find it some what disturbing that you actually Trust gOOgle this way. Guess you don't see gOOgle manipulating minds by controlling what information is available ? Any institution willing to do that has no need for any and all of my life doings.

  4. 5 1/2 years later. I am decided to watch at least one android/cell phone video a day for the next two weeks. Thank you.

  5. What I want to know :
    Where is the ''click '', 'send ', etc equivalent buttons ; and how do you find things like what you've code scanned , so that you can bring it up to show, when you want to use it ?????

  6. great it helped but if you do another one speed it up

  7. Hi I use to use android phone but whenever I use it it gets erupted I’m a fan of downloading to customise phone Themes & games app ect
    iPhone never had a issue no virus 🦠 too only android does and how to prevent that.

    I download a theme and had Antivirus still it encrypted.

    How do I prevent this from happening.
    Shall I importing to sd card instead of phone memory?

  8. Like it! 🙂

    Anyway, i was hoping if i could get some feedback on this open source android app I have posted below? I am a beginner and hope to learn on how to improve it…

    http :// bit. ly/2RX5Npc

    thanks and all-the-best !!

  9. Thank you – I have had a smart phone for a while and am using but with very little understanding, You have helped me a lot. You are a natural teacher and I thank you for your time and knowledgew. Have a good 2019!

  10. thanksfor the vid it was great .. but i need too know how to ad my contacts i have a american network solutions android phone and it came with no instructions , its so frustrating

  11. TracFone this Phone that Phone ….Smart Phone Now they Told Me to Go Get ANDROID SMART-PHONE ,..""O.G."''…now what is -(-O.G.-)-,…L.O.L."

  12. Too much about apps and not enough about how to do basic things such as storing contacts, making and ending calls etc.

  13. I'm sorry, but I wanted straight forward and direct instructions, but you tended to waffle and go off on a tangent. At one point you even realized and admitted that you had gone off the point. Just straight forward instructions is what people want.

  14. Thank you. This will help me get started. I still have allot of work but you taught me much.

  15. I'm so thankful for this, because i know nothing. Like every take-off is like another college course. For the first 61/2 years, I thought Microsoft was the Administrator.. I almost wrote them a harsh letter when then I realized that it was me. I couldn't believe it.

  16. What is the likelihood that a person who needs instruction at this time, is still using eclair?

    Try focusing on what is needed by your viewers. Thanks.

  17. I found your video very helpful, thank you. I think that some prior knowledge of how to use a computer is necessary to follow all your explanation.

  18. Good video but dwells too much on apps.  How about how to make and end a call and do practical things the elderly would use a phone for…

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