How to use Android [Navigation Basics!]

Android is simpler than you think! Check out some basics on how to navigate it, how to add folders, shortcuts, and much more! Join Kevin the Tech Ninja as he takes you through how wonderful Android can be to customize and use!

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  1. finally a guy who talks clearly and explains things well! thanks

  2. Spoonfeeding? This is information overload for your grandma!

    Kevin, before you upload an instructional video first determine who would most benefit from it. Most likely it's folks that are older, for whom setting a digital watch leaves them dazed and confused.

    Once you have determined your target group you will need to see if you will meet your target's needs.

    You will need a focus group or test audience. Most of your peers and younger already know this stuff. Help the folks who haven't got a clue. Part of it for this group is psychological. They lack confidence. Even if it's not entirely true, let them know that you were just like them when you started out. I didn't get to where I am now without making mistakes. Back to the focus group.

    Mention the word "twerk", "fanboi", "lit", or "woke". If they look at you quizzically or say… "That's not even a word!" about Twerk you have a member of your viewer focus group. Make just short segments and test them against your test audience. If they are still clueless. Get feedback. Ask open ended questions that can't be answered wit yes or no. "How do you think I could make this better?" or "Where do I need to clear things up?" or "When I talked about operating systems was I clear?" Follow-up with "Who can tell me what you took away from the part about operating systems?"

    In your video, ask rhetorical questions that are task oriented. Then answer them and give/demo an example that's one of the most popular tasks you get asked about.

    I teach people how to train their dog(s). What I am suggesting is born out of experience. And always summarize at the end.

    Tell people what you are going to cover. Cover it. Then tell people what they just learned.

    Find your target. Test Segments or clips against a test audience. Get feedback by asking open ended questions.

    Rewrite your script. If people have problems with too much info, break it down to smaller understandable segments.

    Keep it task oriented and offer examples/demos.

    Retest your latest segments. Keep refining until people from one of your test groups "Gets it".

    Remember never give people more information than they need in a given context.

  3. In the world their are sides

    iPhone vs Android
    Chevrolet vs Ford
    Coca Cola vs Pepsi
    Automatic vs Standard
    Honda vs Toyota
    Cold pizza vs Hot pizza
    Conservatives vs Liberals
    Americans vs Commies
    Energizer vs Duracell

  4. Clicked the "Click here to watch part I" several times. It's NOT an active link.

  5. It still lack a lot of capability. Such as choosing where you want your file downloaded. I downloaded an Mp3 audio file of a meeting session from email via outlook. Till this day, i still couldn't find where the file was downloaded. They only only inform you that the file was already downloaded, not where.

  6. Hi I have had a problem which all the world have it , the galaxy s4 turns off when the battery reaches 30% 40% or even at 50% , I changed the battery and the new one has the same problem , what should I do ? Why is that ?

  7. Although many said that Android phones are more complicated compared to iPhone, it's not that hard, anyone should know this.

  8. I'll have to watch it again, I got lost.  Guess per some of your viewers rude comments I don't have a brain.  Oh well.

  9. can u guys show me a video how to root my devices into android 4.4 kitkat?? @Android Authority 

  10. Good job Kevin. I've been using a Android phone for a couple of years now. I recently upgraded to 4.4 and want to expand my knowledge. Its good to start with the basics. Thanks

  11. You know what you need to learn android? a fucking brain! Android basic is very simple, it's not even complicated at all, with regards to iOS users are saying that it's quite complicated, it's not. You don't even need this video to learn the basic, we are talking about the basic, Jesus, if you know how to use a computer, you know how to use an android device, no doubt. About the tricks, it's posted online and you can try it quickly. that's it, problem solved.

  12. The notification center in Android is a total clusterfuck. There needs to be a separate section for ongoing notifications.

  13. the 1st time I've used android I didn't even get confused back when it was still Froyo and android was pretty bad back then, android is much easier now, why would I get confused? I'm not a fucking senior citizen.

  14. Good video for beginners. You could mention that pressing the home button to get out of an app leaves it running in the background most times. The best way to get out is via the back key.

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